Health and Wellness Workshops are a win-win, helping employers reduce health care costs and employees improve their health and happiness. These programs also make your organization more attractive to high-achieving employees and top candidates. And the last I checked, there is a tax advantage to offering your employee’s a wellness incentives. 

I provide professional, high-quality, educational Wellness Workshops that demonstrate how simple changes can have profound positive effects on a person’s’ life.  For employees, the benefits include reduced stress and fatigue, fewer health problems, more energy, and even improved relationships at home and at work. For organizations, Workshops are an excellent part of an overall health and wellness program, because they are easy to implement and provide employees with information they can begin using right away.  

Workshop Topics For Employees and Groups

I deliver engaging and professional on-site Wellness Workshops. Choose from my most popular topics that have helped hundreds of men and women begin living healthier lives! Often, I deliver workshops on corporate sites, and I also offer virtual workshops via web interface.  My clients find the personal interface provides the best incentive to embark on a new health regime. It’s the person to person contact that makes a difference. Peer support helps a lot too. 

  •      10 Essentials for Healthy Eating

Ten easy ways to improve diet, manage weight, boost energy level, and prevent disease.  Simply, I de-mystify healthy eating!  We all hear conflicting reports about what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Doesn’t it seem as if one day a food is “in,” the next week it’s “out?” What makes super foods “super,” anyway? Your employees will learn to separate food facts from fiction by attending this popular workshop.

  •     Cold-Busters: Nutrition Strategies to Boost Your Immune System

Are your employees afraid of catching this season’s flu bug?  Want to reduce the severity of cold symptoms on your workforce productivity?  This Workshop delivers easy-to-use, proven health strategies that enhance the body’s immune function. I will show your employees how to protect themselves, their families and their co-workers and stay healthier this season!  I share super foods that boost the immune system.

  •    Detox to Jumpstart Your Health and Fitness

More people are interested in Detoxing than ever before; and the New Year as well as the beginning of summer are excellent times to offer this Workshop. Your employees will learn the benefits of Detoxing, understand how to eliminate other “toxins” in their life, receive group support for the 10-day Detox program, and enjoy a day-to-day menu plan and more than 20 recipes! The Detox Workshop is fun, and helps jumpstart weight loss and health and fitness commitments

  •   Beating the Sugar Blues

The growing number of people with diabetes and obesity is crippling our communities and workforce, not to mention employers’ health insurance costs. Sugar can zap your energy, compromise your immune system and make you less productive on the job. I will provide simple steps and proven strategies to help your employees understand why they crave sugar (hint: it’s not their fault!) and to break the habit. I share real-life success stories, the latest information on sugar alternatives, and recipes and fact sheets so your employees can keep learning long after the Workshop.  

  •  High Energy Eating

One of my most popular Workshops, “High Energy Eating,” offers three easy steps employees can take right now to boost their energy the healthy way!  I also show employees how to sleep better and make simple food changes for overall life improvement.  Employees love learning how to take control of their nutrition (and the secret I reveal regarding why a certain morning ritual could be the #1 thing that is making them tired!) Real-life success stories, myth-busting tips and exercises with other participants make this a high-energy Workshop!

Other Workshops in the works: 

  • Kick Your Addiction to the Curb: Caffeine, Cigarettes And Emotional Eating all have key issues involved. This workshop will lead you to create your personal pathway to freedom from these addictions with a personally proven nutritional support plan that gets you where you want to go.
  • Aging Vibrantly
  • Fueling For Fitness
  • Caregivers Survival
  • Yoga and Meditation for Everyday People

Workshop Fees: 

Clients can choose from individual workshops or a series of 3 or 5. Workshops can be repeated throughout a week to accommodate schedule variations.

My Workshop fee is $450 per workshop. Multiple workshops on the same topic (to accommodate different schedules and shifts) are priced at a discounted rate. Fees include all materials and handouts. 

For further information and availability, please contact me at 425-427-2573 or

Nancy Lamb, CHHC, AADP

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Program Manager and Wellness Professional

Ramblin Lamb Wellness and Holistic Harmony