Winding Down: Good bye 2013


It’s been a good year for connecting with some wonderful friends, new and old.SailingPS-4458

Through the wonders of the interwebs, I’ve enjoyed connections that never would have happened, friendships deepened,  and yes some were let go. Not exactly smooth sailing, but we made it and we still have faith.

I’ve made new friends. I’ve found old friends.  I’ve connected deeply with the people who mean the most to me. For this, I am most grateful.  It’s been a year! As this year winds up, I’m getting contemplative and internally focused. I always do. It’s that time of reckoning: What did we accomplish. What did we love. What do we need to forgive of ourselves or others. How can we make next year better!!!! That is why we all go through this. How can we make next year better!

My self-claimed purpose again distracted by a very strange road filled with many large part holes. Through it all, I recognize at times that my strength comes from a bigger source. It’s surely not in me because I would have crumbled without the faith and love of something bigger than I. Some call it God, others call it Nature. And some? They just call it Source. Works for me, man!

In my reverie, I suspect some wonder how people get through these kinds of trials. With that, I have to admit I do too. And then I find some little thing to do.

My New Year’s Gift to you. Some random thoughts on what keeps me going.

1. When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade.

2. It’s not about the money – it’s about love, commitment, trust, and integrity.

3. Doing the right thing is not about making a deal, its about knowing I can live with myself.

4. Being in the present moment is where all the presents are.

5. DREAM BIG – then do the dishes.

6. Play with your cats. They will help you through this.

7. Go Outside Every day even if its just to sit and breathe the fresh air.

8. Daylight – you must get real daylight.

9. Stop reading or watching the news. It’s just too depressing. Especially in 2013 as we hear far too much negative about things you can’t control, can’t tame, can’t fix. Why let it fill your brain with what is wrong when you can focus on what’s right?

9. Start a daily gratitude list.

10. Start a daily accomplishment list.

11. Begin to fully love yourself. It’s not selfish – it’s essential.

12. Practice some kind of meditative spiritual balancing: Yoga is my favorite remedy.

13. Stay connected with old friends, make new friends, and be your own best friend. If things start getting to you, ask yourself what you would advise your best friend! Call your best friend!

14. Drink a lot of water.

15. Listen to your body — if it says stop drinking coffee, stop drinking coffee!

16. Tell someone you love them.

17. Remember better days — this is not the end so focus on what makes you happy.

18. Focus on your dreams every day – even if you can’t act, keep your mind on your vision.

19. Come up with new dreams, little dreams, big dreams — never stop believing in you.

20. MOVEMENT! The human body is designed to MOVE. Get up and dance. Go for a run or a walk. Raining? Go dance in the rain. Or grab your goretex hat and just start walking or

running somewhere. MOVEMENT gets you back into your body and out of your brain.

21. Walk by a river.

22. Find a cool coffee shop where you feel at home and work from there. Make it your favorite meeting spot.

23. Get enough sleep. Go to bed early so you can enjoy the sunrise.

24. Eat well, eat a rainbow, eat a healthy balance of different things. Eat different foods every day. Try new things.

25. Live Mindfully

Happy New Year, my loved ones. May your year be filled with love, light, fun, laughter, and good eats. Stay healthy! Stop doing those things you keep saying you really need to stop.

Start doing things that support and nurture you. Give yourself this gift so that if your life gets hard you have what you need to keep going forward.  You never know when you need your own support.