Top Tips for Terrific Living

These tips came from so many sources — between a lifetime of health and fitness, culinary training, an obsession with health foods, countless yoga intensives and teacher trainings, and a passion for the empowerment movement, I come up with tips, tricks, and mind games that help me stay moving in the right direction.   I’m going to keep adding to the list. Feel free to share your tips with me and I’ll post them here too.  Life is so much fun, but when we get those gems or nuggets of awareness, we need to pause and embrace that insight. That’s where my tips come from. My own life enhancing, life-saving experiences.  From the rooms in our journey, we can hear the guidance if we pause to embrace it and listen.

Love Yourself

TRUST Yourself

Listen to Yourself – Hear Your Heart’s Calling

Practice Forgiveness

Be Mindful

Slow Down

Eat a Rainbow

Practice Gratitude

Put Yourself First


Dare to Dream

Keep Your Dream Alive

Connect and Create

Hire a Trusted Expert

Don’t Believe Everything you Think