Simple Beauty

Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

For the longest time, I figured why worry. I had great skin, no blemishes, not many wrinkles. My husband is a believer in aging gracefully. Works for me since I am so darned sensitive to most chemicals, scents, and have come to dislike makeup.  It’s not that I have issues with looking pretty. I would love to wear the clothes that go with a natural beauty. I seriously cringe and cry inside when I notice how lovely some new items are.

The Right Shoes Make the Lady!
The Lady Must Put her Face On Before Going Out!

What about the chemical sensitive, foot malfunctioning petite lady with wildly curly hair? What’s she supposed to do?

The right shoes with a simply feminine dress, make up, earrings…Mom was all about looking right. And she was right. What’s the point of wearing a pretty, feminine dress if you wear hiking boots.

This is about simple, natural beauty. It’s also about being true to you and loving you regardless of what you wear and what other people say.

I’ve always held that makeup should enhance what is good.  I’d wear light makeup. I used to wear black, waterproof mascara and very thin eyeliner. But now? I got rather laid back about the whole thing. After getting TOO MUCH negative and unwanted attention from creepy guys, creepy bosses, and unsavory sorts, I needed to repel that kind of attention. It wasn’t fun. And in my twisted mind, I decided it was better to be natural, follow my interests, and find people who liked me for my mind!

People are too quick to judge
Later, I noticed that it didn’t matter. People were gong to be labeling you no matter what. Those snarky comments people made about me – however unwarranted – would often spread like wildfire. Wait. Faster than that. Those false rumor laden reputation maiming rumors spread faster than the halls of the junior high school I attended. My choice to wear make up or not was purely based on a determination to get away from the negative nasty people.

Fast forward to a 57 year old lady who has been told things such as:

  • “you would be so much prettier if you just wore a little makeup”
  • “go put some lipstick on and do your eyes”
  • “you will never succeed in sales unless you lose those flat shoes”
  • “I’d be so much more attracted to you if you wore heels”
  • “Go straighten your hair, its so much prettier straight”

I heard all through my 20’s, 30’s, and my 40’s.  Last night, I learned why a woman tried to kill me with her perfume even though I’d told her several times. I can’t be around strong perfumes. It triggers violent asthma. I had to leave my own home until her husband forced her to leave.  Turns out this chick decided that I wasn’t feminine enough for her approval. She wanted to teach me something.

It grieves me to no end that people are often so judgmental and hurtful. At 57 years old, I still get upset when I hear this stuff. I’d love to wear heels again. I’d love to wear a little more makeup or enjoy a nicely scented perfume.  But this is like a disability and people should just stop being so judgmental. Still — ONE HAS TO DEAL WITH LIFE AS IT COMES. I choose to find people that treasure me for who I am. And in the meantime, I take care of my skin.

Skin Care for sensitive skin

The Best Isn’t Always the Most Expensive

I had the nicest complexion when young. I washed with quality products that were common. I moisturized. Later I bought the potions made by Lauder, or Aveda, but a scent sensitivity changed all that. Even the pricey stuff at L’Occitane or by Decleor created allergic responses. And that was just the cleansing routines, not make up. I tried many products sold at my health co-op.I used typical store bought stuff labeled organic. They were ok but my face felt drier and my hair was not shining. I just let it go for a while. Probably a bad idea.

Rosacea!!! This Lady’s Nightmare!

Then I saw it. I noticed strange redness that couldn’t be sunburn. It ran across the area underneath my dark circles. My cheeks had a constant red to them. It was almost rosy cheeks but weird. Then it got bumpy. I feared it would never go away and I had some dreaded disease. Eventually, I found out it was the dreaded Rosacea — the stuff that made W.C.Fields have a red, bulbous nose. Bill Clinton has it too. His face was always tinged red and he wasn’t embarrassed.  They have a skin condition that causes severe redness, inflammation, and if not treated early, a thickening of the skin that is beyond unsightly. It’s called Rosacea – and if you have it, you know it’s devastating. There are many triggers, but everyone is different. Here’s the best resource I found online: The National Rosacea Society provides information, resources, and community. You are not alone!

Freak OUT time!  Yeah, for the first time in my life, I was freaking out about my skin. I tried using concealers, wearing more makeup, more sunscreen, and covering the redness. I feared it would be scarred for life.  Make up only made it worse.  The burning, itching, tingling feeling wasn’t going away.

I started changing things.
The hunt was on and I only knew I needed:

  • No alcohol in hair products.
  • All organic products
  • Natural, non floral, lightly scented
  • Clean feeling
  • Moisturizing
  • Affordable
  • I gave up the pricey, European or other fancy products because: THEY  MADE IT WORSE. But I knew most normal over the counter stuff you buy in stores wouldn’t suffice either. It was part chemical reaction, part drying agents, part heat, part wind….

    Favorite Cleansing Routine is all Organic, Based on Fruit Stem Cells

    My now favorite, must have product line is based on Fruit Stem Cell Research. It’s a lovely line of clean feeling, moisturizing, skin rejuvenation. Andalou – it’s so great I like to tell everyone about it.
    Anyway, I saw this new product at my local health Co-Op, I gave it a shot.
    ANDALOU: I love you. It’s 1/3 of the price of the fancy stuff, but it works, it’s all organic, and it nearly healed my face completely. Who hoooo! I tried one, then another and another. My product line now is complete with cleanser, eye cream, tumeric serum, lip moisturizer, daily and night time moisturizers and two masks that you’ll just love. It’s a nice light scent. It just feels great. So great that I stock up when it’s on sale.

    Here’s a starter kit:

    Literally, by the time I got to the dermatologist (it was a 2 month wait for an appointment), I had nearly healed myself. She prescribed a simple solution that I am supposed to use every day, but it was primarily these Andalou products that did the trick.

    Under Control, but no cure

    I went from embarrassed to be seen to not even thinking about it. I follow my routine, and it’s never come back. There’s a big lesson in self-love here, but it doesn’t take away the facts.

    Happiness Comes From Within You

    Makeup? Sure, I like to dress up a bit, do a bit of makeup, and look like the soft, feminine lady that I am.  I still believe in plain beauty, natural enhancement light make up. When I feel the urge, I indulge. I’ll do a nice natural look, cover a few spots, and use the some highlight and low light to enhance those places that want a bit of love. But never fool yourself, gals. The real you is the beautiful, inner world of YOU. Let no makeup, no marketing, no other human being fool you into thinking differently.

    Makeup for Rosacea

    With Rosacea, one must be careful about all ingredients. I had to change to a more natural high moisturizing line. It’s different. I’m not sure I love it, but it works and I’ve never felt the return of the tingly sensation. It’s a natural line, not really organic, but it doesn’t dry my skin, doesn’t soak into the pores, and leaves me feeling almost as fresh as if I went barefaced. I still can’t wear lipstick. 🙁 I really would if I could, but I can’t stand the burning sensation.  I don’t wear mascara any longer — my lashes feel like glue. The yesteryear stuff of my youth felt vastly better. Now when I wear mascara it just feels like a thick layer of gunk on my sensitive eyes. I go for curling the lashes and adding a little eyeliner.

    Makeup and perfume are not necessary for me to be happy and loving, but I do like to think it sheds a couple years off and makes me a little more attractive.

    The Moral of this Tale

    You’ve got to make do with what you have. There is NO reason to fear being seen in public without make up on your face. I fully believe that is rather ridiculous.  But that’s me. I’m the girl who was accused of being a slut because I was pretty, outgoing, and smart. I liked to talk to the guys because they talked about business, working out, and investing — the girls just talked about food and clothing and makeup.  Didn’t mean I was flirting. I intended to build a career and I needed to think about business more than makeup. Or so I thought.

    Wearing makeup is a simple choice and it shouldn’t be a deciding factor in whether a lady is good enough, smart enough, straight enough or gay enough. It’s just a thing.

    It still makes me cringe hearing these things. I can still cry like a teenager, but really, I must remember that it is their attempt to help combined with their limited knowledge about chemical sensitivities and skin disorders that cause their painful judgements. It’s not my job to teach them.

    It is my job to be my best self, and rise above the pain to a place where I see them for who they are while embracing the real me. I know they say your first impression makes a lasting difference.  I also know some things can’t be changed.

    I am who I am.