Reclaiming Self – Loving the Goddess Within

Reclaiming Self – Loving the Goddess Within
Let’s make 2018 GREAT by reconnecting with your inner Goddess
Let’s start with going deep into yourself. Reclaim Self and love the Goddess within.

Happy New Year you all,
It’s been kind of a homecoming for me. I signed on for a class by DailyOm titled Unleash the Goddess Within – a 21 day journey back to self. Sounds cool, doesn’t it. A simple practice for 21 days that embraces the inner Goddess of you. (ok – if you are a man, you might want to go do something else for a bit. This is for my women friends)

This is the year! Are you already saying you blew your resolutions so backslidiong away is more your thing?
Why not tweak your resolutions into a real life-changing process? If you really want to acheive that goal you set, you have to accept that there might be setbacks. IF you want to call it a goal, you have a better chance of making it real. But the power comes when you simply and powerfully choose to let the Goddess gifts support you to make the changes you need to make. This is what brings you back home.

When you Unleash the Goddess Within, you are establishing a deep connection with all that you are. You are raising your awareness of your own inner power. You are gently and easily coming inside to the home of you. You know how it feels when away from your family home and when you return you feel a different peace? Think of Reclaiming Self as the same thing – except it’s returning to you. You’ll know it when you get there. I promise. It’s when we stop looking – stop living outside ourselves and return to connect with all that is of us.

Let’s do this journey together. I’d love for you to join me. It’s going to be a great 2018. I’m sure of it. Change within leads to the real change without. (and yes, it’s time for a hair redesign too)

A while back I started several different programs. Everything from Anti Inflammation Diets to Living with Chronic Pain to Creating Your Sacred Space. It’s all taking off from where the Health Coaching became far beyond food and diet and weight loss. I’ve been a lifelong advocate of healthy choices — to the point that my coaching colleagues called me a pioneer in the healthy living world. I’ve been studying foods, nutrition and culinary arts since my college days — and adding to it was a adaptations due to injuries, jobs, or stresses. There’s always something we can do for our greater good. There is so much more to it than simply eating right and moving — and yet — without the basic foundation, we get nowhere.

Sure we can see therapists. We can talk till our face is blue. We can seek validation from others or give it to ourselves. We can do all kinds of things to dissolve emotional stuff – yoga, body work, energy work, journaling, 12 step work, spiritual work… the list of self help therapy like stuff goes on and on… and I’ve cultivated from these roots to provide for myself and share with others as it seems fit.

The more I did, the more I found me at the center. Until we find home – until we go to that place where we are not just saying we are comfortable with ourselves, but we deeply feel this change to fully being grounded, solid, and supported – we are susceptible to shatter. What I mean is it is so easy to fragment ourselves into strange pieces that reach out so far we break.

From day one, I felt a homecoming – a sense of returning to love and empowerment. Not the fiesty aggressive kind of empowerment, but the soft, clear minded, grounded and inspired self. From the start, we learned to call ourselves home – bringing all parts of ourselves back to our sacred space.It is the kind of homecoming that allows one to feel a sudden and dramatic shift.
I felt something similar on completion of Take Charge – a full force self defense program that combined hard core fighting, descalation, and self empowerment.

I’ll admit it to you. Sometimes words matter. When I heard women using the term Goddess or Womb, I cringed. It was just a weird sense of “what the heck”, shoulder shrug, head tilt to right with one eye shut… and then oh well. Whatever. I just thought it was odd. NOT ANY MORE.
In one 3 week period, I’ve found a return to who I am – a home coming – a deep sense of integration. There’s been so much happening, but particulary after the death of my mother, and many unplanned losses, that I was fractured. Rarely did I even tap in to the inner peace I new was there. Slowly, I became fractured.

This class, and I’ll tell you, I thought it was just a fun thing to do and had no expectations. But Wow!
Today – on day 20 – first words are:
“One thing you don’t want to be doing is constantly depending on and drawing from your “personal” power, your own life force. It’s important to know your own essence, the way that your power is true to you, what your voice is, AND also it’s crucial to keep yourself anchored and ultimately sourcing from somewhere beyond yourself. “

Heck yeah – if you are looking for a personal coach or guide to help you restore, restructure, revive, or just feel better overall, call me. I’m happy to take on new clients and also to create workshops. Maybe I’ll do a 1 day workshop or series if there are enough people interested. Just let me know.

If you want a bit more info on Anti Inflammation Dieting, here are a links you’ll find on this site. This is the highly recommended diet by the Arthritis Foundation, Oncologists, and even ranked high at the Mayo Clinic Foundation.  But I’m not selling their diet plan. I go with the expert, Dr. Andrew Weil and the program he pioneered. It is now taught at the University of Arizona, where I completed my certificate.


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