Eat a Rainbow

Eat a Rainbow

Coaching works!  But only if you work it. 

I work with clients in several ways: on the phone, on web conferencing or in person. I love meeting clients in person and will schedule VIP days on request. That elite program gives you a full day of love and attention.  We dig deep, have fun, and enjoy a day of embracing the real you. It’s not for everyone. But if it’s for you,  you know it. You feel it. You feel called to find out what it’s all about.

Lots of options is what I offer: Online, On phone, In person, in a classroom, in a conference room, at a cool tropical resort — yes — we are that flexible!

TAKE THE LEAP: You can’t fly if you don’t take the plunge! 








Favorite options:

NEW: Single Extended Sessions

We meet for 90 minutes. We craft a kick start for you that sets you on a path. It’s not a full coaching program, but a meeting to help you kick start your desire. Call it a Discovery Session, if you will.

Be warned: I usually push towards a 5 – 6 week commitment. That’s because it keeps you moving forward and gives you the continuity that helps you reach your goals. Like any other new habit, it takes 6 weeks to fully embrace it.

6 Week Killer Kick Off

This condensed program is great for the person who has hit an emergent need to get through an illness, over an injury, or just wants a quick taste of coaching. I recommend this for those who are already on the healthy life regimen, but want a kick start to a new level of health. I also recommend this for those with a sudden health scare and want the support to incorporate necessary change, but aren’t sure if health coaching is for them.  The same great energy goes into this short form, but we have your specific focus is addressed only.  It is not long enough to get miraculous results, but it is perfect to get you on the road to recovery.   Weekly sessions. Your office if local, phone or internet if not.   It’s a powerful way to change!   $297  per client

Feel free to inquire about group programs – it could be perfect for your organization to set up 6 week modules

6 Months to a New You

The basic 6 month program is an adventure to embrace.  We start where you are and carry you forward to amazing new levels of energy, creativity, self awareness, and for some, prosperity. We begin your journey to focusing on greater health, more energy, better concentration – and of course weighty issues. This is the kick off to lasting results. Anyone can go on a 2 week diet, but when you look at the long term, you know you need a lifetime change. It you really want lasting results,  this is for you!  What I mean is we look at the whole YOU and we craft out a program that is as bio-individual as you  are. No one is alike, no body reacts exactly the same to the same diet.  This program helps you customize your lifestyle plan for the longest lasting, healthiest approach for you.  The program includes:

2 monthly meetings, unlimited email questions and 24 hour response, handouts, presentations, tips, online webinars and teleconferences when offered, and free attendance at all virtual talks I give.

$1500 per client

Starts any time

Discounts may apply

The 6 Hour One Day Magic Get Your Game On Plan:

This exclusive program is for the high level action driven person who really wants it all in a one day workshop! We go over so much in one day that I only offer this to people who have completed a 90 day extended session. Coupling these two together, we actually create your custom day during the 90 minute session. It’s tailored to YOU.

Group Circles:

Group synergy is so powerful. When we do group work, my clients find an intimate sharing circle where they can learn through each other as we explore how to build that healthy vibrant you!  We meet in a rented location, or we meet online using a web conferencing program.
Consider it your Sacred Circle. Focus groups are on: Foods, Nutrition, and Power, Sacred Secrets of Life Long Health, Inner Transitions,  Aging Vibrantly, Living with Chronic Illness, Caregiving not Care taking, and Success Mapping — all topics designed to help you restore yourself to vibrant living.

For a group to work we have must set constraints. This is a 7 person maximum per group.  It’s enough for intimacy, but not too many so we can’t hide. Your commitment determines your results. Your involvement embeds the changes.   It’s a great way to build the bridge to greater health.  This short course is designed to coincide with the 4 Seasons, bringing fresh seasonal approaches.  It’s a fun way to learn and grow with the companionship of others.

$297 per person

Wellness Talks 

Health talks build the bridge to a new start for you, your employees, your colleagues.

I offer some predesigned classes that can be taught anywhere. Virtual Conferencing Sessions are available easily.

Get off The Sugar Roller Coaster
10 Keys for Healthy Eating
Eating for Energy
Eating for Concentration and Focus
Healthy Living: Weigh Less, Live More
Why Detox???
Why Health Coaching???
How to Make Healthy Living a Healthy Lifestyle Without Losing Friends and Family

Aging Vibrantly
Better Food, Better Mood!
Baby Boomer’s Focus.

I offer one stop workshops and series for targeted audiences. All are professionally packaged, turn key workshops. All we need to do is book the space. I’ll provide marketing materials.

How it works: If you are part of an organization or a company, we arrange a time, date and on-site location. I present a 60 minute workshop loaded with fun tips and real life examples of how to build a healthy vibe in your life.  If your organization is interested in setting up personal coaching days for your colleagues, we work out a schedule and payment plan.

At the end of my presentation, I ask for an evaluation form and on it, there are questions such as: Are you interested in a personal, private, and confidential health consultation.