Because You Deserve It!

Love your Feet! Love Your Body!

The reviewer on Amazon closed his review with this: Because you deserve it!
I thought, yep. He’s right. When your Momma told you to take care of your feet because they are the only ones you have, was she ever right. Did you have to wear those old hard leather saddle shoes? I sure did. My Mom wouldn’t hear of anything else. But Mom had unwittingly forewarned me of a lifetime of problems with my feet.

Fast forward to 1993, and I had my first foot surgery. It was simple and worked. Two years later, second foot, similar issue and it was supposed to be a simple correction for a bone spur. The doctor said afterwards: “I did you a favor and corrected your hammer toe.”

The Doctor did WHAT?

HE SEVERED THE TENDON and SEWED TWO TOES TOGETHER! Yeah, I walk around with a webbed toe now. At the time, it wasn’t an issue. Today, its still not an issue, but it makes me leery of all foot doctors.

Feet Don’t Bend Right

I’ve said for years, my feet are just not bending right. They are stiff. I don’t get a normal range of motion. But that isn’t the real problem. The real problem is I’m pretty active, hate to just sit around, and my high arched feet tend to curl outward while my achilles tendons are more like rocks than pivotal points that allow my foot to flex.

I’ve been on the prowl for things to help my aching feet. As a short woman, I rarely find chairs that are comfortable and allow my feet to rest flat on the ground. If I lower the chair at my desk, the desktop is too high. So I have often sought a great footrest.

Even though this is the top priced item of it’s kind, it’s screaming: Your feet will love me. Buy me now.
So I did.

Sure, there are plenty others out there. I have a few. And I have a 2 x 4 wrapped in an old yoga mat.

The one I used for a few years by Humanscale is good for what it is. I loved the rocker. My issue is twofold. It’s not quite high enough for my short legs. And it doesn’t easily move from side to side under my desk. That said, I love the rocker and the little nobbie bumps that give a slight massage. rocker foot rest

Rocking Foot Rest comes in Black or Cherry

It’s sold in a lot of places, but you can get it at Amazon right here:

My hubby loves his Wide Slatted Footrest.
He bought it at the Relax the Back Store. He still loves that it rocks and rolls for him. And he says the only thing he doesn’t love is he has to hook his feet underneath to move it. Well, that’s not too bad. Most work that way.

Slatted, rocking footrest

This Wider, slatted footrest give my husband much needed relief.

The Best You Can Afford and a bit more

We’ve often felt frustrated by going for something cheaper than what we could afford, just to save some money. It’s a game we play. All of us do it. But here’s the thing. Not buying the best of what you can afford, not paying for the quality you deserve ends up biting you in the long run. It’s always the things like that that cause annoyance.

When I bought my rocker foot rest, there weren’t many other options. I’ve used it for maybe 8 years. I loved it until I needed something with more flex and taller. And now, I use it as a great Achilles stretcher so that’s not a loss. But how often do we buy cheap and then end up buying what we really wanted in the first place.

Get what your feet want. Don’t mess around. It’s not worth overthinking it. Ask your feet!!