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It’s not just about Food. Here’s some Food For Thought.

It’s about what we eat, what we drink, what we think, and what we believe. I’ve put together a list of books and items you will find helpful on your journey. It’s all here in my Amazon store at:

Holistic Harmony – Your Health and Happiness Store

It’s all in the mind. It’s all about what we believe we deserve. It’s about nurturing that which we value the most.  For starters, if you walk around believing you can’t afford to take the time to exercise, you will not move. If you believe you can’t afford to eat healthy, you fill yourself with lower quality foods, create poor health, and end up sick. If you tell yourself you really want that juicer, but you can only afford the lower end one, you end up with something that makes you work harder to get the results you really want.

In my home, we practice buying what is the best quality we can afford. Why? Because when we think cheap, we are aware of something better that fully suits our needs, but we deprive our souls and end up buying it later after we initially bought the lower end item.  We’ve done it countless times, and it’s just a pain. You know how it goes:   You do the research. You find the items you really want. Then you start talking yourself into finding it cheaper. You look on Craig’s List or eBay —- maybe its on sale.  You look all over, but you never just buy it. A week may go by. Even a month. For some people, years go buy before they take that one giant step.

In my early career, I relied on someone else to do the research. He was always two steps ahead, so I knew if he gathered the info, he’d share it with me. He saved me countless hours. And once, he saved my eyesight.  It’s invaluable to have that ready resource.

My Amazon a-store was created with just that in mind.  I give you the value of my 30 years research and experience in a variety of areas:  Books I’ve used to help me through the transitions. Books that taught me copywriting and business building.  Healthy living ideas, tips, and tools that make everything easier to maintain a lifetime goal of healthy, active, vibrant lifestyle.

Holistic Harmony – Your Health and Happiness Store