Integrative Nutrition

Hi friends!

I live in Bastyr Territory! Why not go there, right? Time and money but that had a lot to do with it.  Really, the projected ROI has as much to do with it. At this stage of the game, it didn’t make sense to take longer. I’m so glad I chose the IIN approach.  Science is necessary, but so many nutritionists and dieticians stop with “here’s your food plan – follow it” and give little to help the client stay on track.

IIN offers true coaching school along with hundreds of dietary theories, some medical and some alternative. We study it all. We find what works in our niche. We help but we don’t prescribe and we don’t promise the world.

When I chose to dive in and join the program at Integrative Nutrition, I did my research.  First, I’ve been involved in healthy lifestyle management for 42 years. My BA in Hospitality Business Management included a vast array of food science and nutrition as well as menu planning, purchasing, and culinary arts.  Wines, Beer, and Liquor as well!  I graduated from Washington State University with rock solid knowledge complimented by my obsession with healthy living. Plus, my Mom was raised by a super health conscious pioneer and my Dad was an early adopter of the fitness craze that began to grip the globe in the late 70s. It is this legacy that makes me so proud to offer healthy living solutions. I offer the Integrative Approach — it’s not just one thing.

When I first heard of the field for Health Coaching, there was only one school I could find. It was based out of New York. It was a year long onsite program. I was working full time, worried about leaving my aging
parents. Not wanting to flee just as they needed me, I settled down into the world of technology and built a career in technical communications and project management. I felt like a duck out of the water. My burning desire to make a difference and help others was always leading me to Holistic Health Coaching, but I was a lone wolf in the world of technocrats.  2010 comes around, and I noticed a renewed trend towards juicing made popular by Joe Cross. and then it hit me.  Joe’s movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead was a huge production and it was sponsored by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Wasn’t that the New York School I’d heard about? Bells rang.

Of course I did my comparison shopping. At that point in time, time and money demanded a fast turn around. And it made all the sense in the world. I would continue my freelance writing business and become a health coach, ultimately blending the two!

Serendipity reigns in my world.

Integrative Nutrition offers cutting edge, landmark education on healthy lifestyles. People complete this program with a full range of knowledge and they make of it what is right for them.  Some go on to become retreat divas and lead workshops that empower others to grow. Others stick with nutrition and diet. Some have offices in medical or chiropractic offices. Others work out of their home. And some use the knowledge for their family but don’t ever make a dime. It’s all about creating a better planet. It’s all about helping people in whatever way works for us.  If you are at all interested — I encourage you to check it out.

Begin a new career in a year for under $5000?  Create a new life with the ease and comfort of being with like-minded people — and study from the comfort of wherever you are?  It sounded pretty good to me. How about you?

Well, it is!  It was the best decision I’ve made in close to 4 years. I’d love to tell you more, but I’ll go on and on….Here’s what I’d like you to do. Check out this online brochure. If you want to join me, then please contact me or contact   You will get some special pricing.
Don’t wait too long.  In fact, send her a note now and just chat.