I am an Ambassador for Health and Happiness

And I’d like you to consider joining me for Your Flight to Fabulous!

My school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is offering an amazing discount. Right Now. And Not for Ever.
When I realized that people can get the same great training that I received for half the cost, I couldn’t stop myself.
I want you to think about this:

If you are:
Struggling with Aches and Pains
Dealing with Chronic Illness or Ailments
Blood Sugar issues or even Diabetes
Digestive Problems
Foot Pain
Or just plain tired of feeling foggy, off, heavy, bloated, or tired….

You can do something to change and then help others. Sure – I would love to have a bunch of new clients who pay me $2500 a year. But why? What would justify that when you can easily pay $2500 for an education, connections, and a whole new career. So while IIN is offering this crazy discount, I can’t not tell you about it.

See the thing is, I don’t know when the cut off date is, but I do know that it’s worth it even if you miss the deal. Why?

You want numbers, right? OK here it is.
Coaching by a qualified and compassionate coach should be no less than $400 a month. Yep! That’s the going rate for personal trainers. Sure if you break it down by session it looks like it’s less.
And I said no less! Many people pay $697 for a 5 -7 week virtual class.

So when you look at what IIN is doing at $2500 – $2900 for a full years rock solid education into HUNDREDS of dietary theories AND Lifestyle Management Concepts, PLUS an extra year of massive study into marketing magic….

The Personal Growth alone is worth it, but when you add all the business and marketing management you’ve got a career, a lifstyle, and a family management plan all in one 11 month program. For under $5000!

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I Am an Ambassador of Health and Happiness