Healthy High

Healthy High — no not stoner high, but a high on healthy living with a little help.
What? Long gone are the days when people used cannabis to just get wasted. Not in my life, that’s for sure! And everyone who knows me knows that’s not my gig.

What is my deal is finding natural ways to thrive as healthfully as we can. Every day lately, someone is talking about pain, brain fog, concentration, or signs of age related ailments.

My intention to become a wellness coach and be paid to share great information was out of a passion for healthy living. Little did I know that after successfully helping many clients back to a higher vibration that a hip injury would find me struggling to maintain a fitness program. Little did I know that chronic pain really does mess with your attitude towards life.

The  little bistro where people came for a healthy vibe, some enchanting tea, and healthy talks or classes… became complacent. It sounded great, but after so many years of pain and inflammation, the healthy high became better understanding of others who were struggling.

Still — here we are. Day in and day out, we chase after feeling better. Imagine a place where you can go anytime to just stop and be you. A place where a simple cup of tea and sample of mindfulness, and you feel restored. A place you can go, relax, think, dream, maybe chat.

It’s a healthy high vibration when you nourish the real you. It’s a healthy high when you feed yourself soul food, real food, and awesome good connections. Look at it this way: You can eat from kitchen filled with anger or you can eat from

Eat a Rainbow of Color to increase your healthy high vibration

Healthy High Vibes from Color

a kitchen filled with love. Every bite you take has an energy in it. Take notice – when you enter a place. Feel the vibe. Feel the high. Know that it’s real.

In Steven Gage’s book The Energy of Food, I first explored this concept. And knew.

If you wantto amp up your vibration, you do it consciously. You eliminate that which brings you down. You take time to declutter, declog, and just get rid of that which doesn’t belong. That’s what the BeWellBistro is about: A place to nurture your high vibrational living.

I first experienced a bistro in Italy. I felt so at home sipping my espresso in the early morning, watching people from all over the world congregate for a morning jolt and happy hello.  The bistro — it’s more than a cafe – it’s a place of warmth, gourmet faster foods, and fun. It’s meant to be a comfortable place with a high vibration of good cheer and friends. A place to nourish oneself in the company of others!

This concept of health coaching may not be workable, but everyone wants to feel better. So.. we are changing the game.

The Be Well Bistro is staying around but it’s under a new  order. More to come.

Let this Bistro be your comfort zone where you can relax, learn, and befriend the new healthy you.

The Be Well Bistro is your place to hang out, learn from the masters, and create your happy healthy zone, and find your zen.

There is no judgment here. There is only a curious sense of exploration. Let’s let our lives return to the same sense of adventure we had when in high school and looking out to the future.

Let’s focus on balanced living, healthful strategies, and long lasting lifestyle approaches.

We will be sharing all kinds of healthy living ideas. Before you even know it, you will be making healthful choices naturally. Meal planning will become easy. Cutting out junk, sugar, or gluten – you get to choose. We’ll talk a bit about pros and cons, maybe tradition versus trends…

The background:
My mission is to facilitate your change. It’s how you view your food and lifestyle choices. Diets do not work. Extremes are rarely sustainable. I’ve studied hundreds of dietary theories. I’ve experienced healing arts, dietary changes, obsessive fitness and nearly obsessive diet lifestyles, I’ve been vegan, vegetarian, and just common sense. I’ve gone dairy free, gluten free, wheat free….I am my own guinea pig but darn it. There is no right solution that fits everyone at every time of their life.

So the bistro — just like any classy cafe amidst a sea of indulgences, you will find ideas, things to try, things to love and things to hate. Just like the restaurant I walked out of the other day, some days my ideas will be big aha’s for you and other days, you will say, nah — not today thanks.

This place is for you if:
You are already on the health living line
You want to join the health revolution but are not sure where to start
You want to hang out with the Healthy Gourmets
You want some recipe ideas

Think of it as a virtual retreat where you can reset your mindset.

Please join me.