Good Fats Bad Fats

Good Fats Bad Fats – or somewhere in the middle???

Why the fuss anyway? Good fats or bad fats, you still need to understand fat ratios. Just today a young lady argues with me that a breakfast that consists of bacon, avocado, and egg is healthy while I looked at the actual fat and protein content. Sure it will taste amaze but the fat? Not on my playbook.  No way.

When they came out with the Zone diet, they made it fairly clear. 40/30/30 may have been the ratio. But when people started going nuts over good fats or bad fats, all bets were off.
Good Fats or Bad Fats seems to confuse the masses.  Arguing over whether a fat is healthy or a menu is healthy is becoming as ridiculous as the religious or political arguments. Arguing of how to get healthy when the doctors don’t even know is nuts. Fighting over whose supplement is the best panacea in the MLM world?
All that noise is why I stopped posting my thoughts on wellness.  I got tired of the bickering, fighting, labeling, and all the noise.

Now I love my avocados. And if I eat bacon, I choose preservative free bacon and eat it sparingly.  Sure there’s a little protein in bacon but it is 68% fat and most of that is saturated.  And the avocado is 32% fat according to the Hass Avocado people.

So where is the protein in this avocado stuffed with egg and wrapped with bacon? No protein in the avocado. You get 3 G protein per 43 calorie slice of bacon. And you have 6 G protein in one 78 calorie medium sized egg.  (I’m not sure what’s going on with lower calorie counters than 40 years ago, but eggs used to be 90 – 110 calories per the charts made in the 60’s and 70’s)  Either way, Say you eat One egg and two slices of bacon. That is 12 G of protein for 486 calories if I’ve done my math right.  Is that good or bad? As this lady claims: “We have different opinions on food.” You bet we do. I have a science based nutrition attitude. I don’t obsess. But I do pay attention to what I eat.

Bacon? It’s not a healthy food.  It doesn’t fit the Anti-Inflammation program or the Mediterranean Program that work for fighting off systemic inflammation. Eat it sparingly and don’t fool yourself. It is not a healthy food. It’s not a great choice for quality protein or quality fat and get this: While it tastes amazing, it’s loaded with preservatives. So even if I loved bacon, I would avoid it because the preservatives cause migraines and bloating for me. Maybe not for everyone. You need to know thy foods.

On my Know Thy Foods article on the BeWellBistro site, I just posted an article with a few links including a great recipe and some handy info regarding diabetes and healthy menus.
Can bacon be part of a healthy diet?  Here’s what Web MD says about it:

If you really want to make lasting change, check out the Anti-Inflammation program. It works. It’s easy. It’s tasty. And with it, you can prevent and possibly reverse some major health risks.
Next up – more posts on the AI program.  It’s going to be a lot of information so be ready.