Getting Started

Are you ready for change?

Are you eager to get started? I’m so excited to begin our work together.

When I decided to give up a 26 year smoking habit, I set a date. I created a plan. I worked it as long as I could alone, and decided to call in reinforcements at the tail end of my 30 day program. I had 4 days to go, and I wanted an acupuncture appointment for my stated quit date. I’ll never forget this key point. The receptionist said to me: You’ve gone this far, and if you don’t come in tomorrow, you have no reason to wait. If you really want to quit, you will be here tomorrow at 9:30. Just do it. That morning, July 9, 1993 at 9:26 AM, I smoked the last cigarette of my life.

I was ready. And I knew I couldn’t do it without some help. At that point, I had to take decisive action. It worked.

I propose to you that the same thing may be going on right now. You want to reach your goals. You may have tried a million different diets, programs, classes, whatever… You are really ready to make a lasting, sustainable change.

The difference?  When was the last time you really talked with someone about your health goals and concerns? When was the last time you really felt you had someone on your side encouraging you to keep on track? Have you ever had someone really listen, help you understand yourself, and help you reach your goals?  That’s what I do!

Let’s get you signed up and on the road to better health.

Here’s how it works:


Health History and Goal Assessment – We start with a comfortable one hour health assessment appointment. I provide you with a health history form which must be completed and returned to me prior to our meeting.

Program Options

I”m offering several options so that more people can enjoy better health now!

  • The Premier Program is my Private Coaching   The most effective program with the best lasting results is our 6 month private coaching program. With this you get TWO 50 minute sessions per month for 6 months. Included in this is continued email support, handouts, samples and gifts.
  • Group Option: Lot’s of you want to work with a group. You want to be with like minded people or family so that you can team it up. I’ve designed a unique small group option. You can create a small group of 2 – 6 people, and we work as a group. It’s a bit different, but the beauty is you have peer support.
  • Quick Start Sample: I’ve decided to give folks an option of a Quick Start 6 week coaching program. This is enough to get you started, but I’ll warn you here. It isn’t enough to make the giant strides you really want. Still, you get the kick in the pants you need to get rolling. And you get to sense what yo might get if you go the full 12 session. Like any new habit, it takes 6 weeks to really integrate change. That’s why this is so good for you. .Program Agreement– We go over the program agreement and when you are ready, you sign up.Schedule – We schedule your sessions at the time you sign up for the program.

    For easy payment via PayPal — see below
    Also, We accept payment by credit / debit card or check. All payments must be made in advance of coaching program start.

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