Blenders: What to Buy


When I was in health coaching school, there was a guy who bought everything. At last count, he had 3 Blendtecs, 2 Vitamix’s, and a NutriBullet.
I can’t say I know what Ed’s deal was, but he sure liked to buy blenders. My counter does not have that kind of room. I use it for cooking. I have other key appliances at the ready. And I don’t have enough storage space as it is. You might be the same.

What should you buy? I love my Vitamix. I know there are other options, but I don’t need to change yet. And I hope not for a long time. It’s an investment!

For you? It really gets down to 7 Questions that only you can answer.  If you do too much research, I swear you won’t do anything. So make it simple. Figure out your personal answers. Test the models if you can.  Often, there is a store demo happening. Call Customer Service and ask them about replacement parts and service plans.  But really, just get the best you can afford and play with it. The more you use it, the more you will love it.

7 Key Points to Consider when Buying a Power Blender


I love my Vitamix 5200.  It is my Gold Standard. I use it often so it stays on the countertop. Of course, they came out with the Professional G Series, which promises an even more powerful motor, sleeker design, and new sound dampening technology.
They are now selling refurbished models with a full 5 year warranty and 30 day guarantee. Here’s The Vitamix link

We use the Power Mixer all the time.  Last night, we made a killer Moroccan Cold Tomato Soup with Prawns.  From blended beverages to cold summer soups, and even hot soups, its my first choice of machines. The company says the newer G series is quieter. With their new S-Series models, are finding the compact size perfect for drinks on the go, as well as limited kitchen counter space. I want that handy carry jar / glass. Don’t you? Take a look: Vitamix S-Series


They are continually improving to meet customer desires.  The exciting S30 is out and it’s getting great reviews. Check out their full line of products at Vitamix. (If you buy through my link, you get free shipping. But anywhere you purchase, be sure to register your Vitamix so you get the great warranty and service.)
Here’s a great breakdown chart to help you understand their product line.

My problem wasn’t indecision. While I love my Vitamix, I was offered a chance to try the BlendTec. Like our juicers, (I’ve now owned 5), I felt it was a great way to really know the market. People always ask me what to buy, so now I know what to say. It always ends up that there is one that I’ll use above all the others. Yes, I have several ways to mix foods. I have 2 juicers and 2 high speed blenders, a hand held mixer, a manual juice press and a few manual hand mixers. All are great for specific purposes — but the ones I use are really the ones I love. Those are the ones that best meet MY purposes.

And if price is your red flag, check out the Vitamix Refurbished Options

I have a history with making blended drinks. When I was a teen, we called them Protein Drinks, but a smoothie is a smoothie. I started out in life with an Oster blender. I recall a small whirly thing that mixed beverages within your glass. I recall a basic blender that made the best milkshakes in the world. It was the original Oster. There are always going to be options, so you just need to think about how this will work for you. I grew tired of burning out motors within 6 months of purchase. A friend found an original Vitamix at a garage sale and raved about it. I recognized the name, but didn’t really think about it until we bought a condo. While roaming through Costco, a guy stood there hawking the wonders of a Vitamix. My husband urged me to just get it. He knew me well. I’ve loved my Vitamix. And their customer service is fabulous.


A while back, Blendtec came on the scene. I am honored that they asked me to write for their blog. Great idea. And they sent me a BlendTec to use as a demo. It’s a great blender. I like it. It is fast, powerful and does everything it says it will do.

Love the Options! We’ve even got some new models to choose from. It’s a great power mixer and people love the options. Their popular Wildside Blender is the one I have.
BlendTec Keeps It Smooth

Like Vitamix, Blendtec offers several options. They have some great deals too. Like their refurbished units – sold at a steep discount and includes their full warranty. I really like the smaller container for thicker mixes too. The one downfall on the BlendTec is it is quite noisy.


On The Go Mixers

If it’s a compact, travel and on the go Mixer You want, here’s two that are highly recommended. I know people who LOVE their Magic Bullets. I know others that swear by their Cuisinart On the Go Brands. Me? I’d go with the name I trust. I own several Cuisinart appliances, so they would be my pick. Unless of course, I had to have the Vitamix S30. It’s new and I’ve only read about it. It’s more a combo small footprint and easy carry

I just found this Cuisinart in glass mixer that should be perfect for traveling or at your office desk. Might even be good for those mornings you need to whirl and run. Check it out:

Magic Bullet:


The Answer

They all work pretty well. You really have to look at your kitchen space, your needs, and your need for quiet. Once that is addressed, you just need to go with a good warranty.  Whether you buy at a store that has a great return policy, like Bed, Bath and Beyond, or whether you buy direct or from Amazon — it really boils down to this:
If you don’t like it, you can easily sell or donate it and try a different brand.  It’s a hotly competitive field right now. The vendors will offer deals. Friends will be happy to buy yours if you choose to change models.

I wish I could tell you the perfect solution. For me, I love my Vitamix and not much will get me to change.  I bought one that has two size containers – a 64 oz and a 32 oz — which means I have exactly what I need.

It’s worth every penny to pop for the better quality blenders. I’d been going through a blender every 6 months or so, then just stopped replacing them. Until I bucked up and bought my first Vitamix. The second was just an upgrade due to operator error.  My husband cleaned up and put the hard plastic lid insert inside the blender. I couldn’t find it so I made a smoothie anyway. YIKES – what a noise as I tried to grind up hard plastic. But — that led to learning about a newer model, choosing to buy it and take advantage of the Vitamix Buy Back Opportunity at the time. (4 years ago).

It’s still my favorite kitchen appliance. It will be yours too. Trust me.