Food Fight!

Emotional Eating is like a constant battle with food

Do you use food?

It’s not uncommon to eat to salve an emotional upset. It’s not uncommon to eat to celebrate.  It’s almost a natural reaction to eat to create an emotional effect. It’s what happens when this goes berserk.

What do I mean? Food is fuel. Plain and simple. We prepare it to taste good, look good, feel good.  But sometimes the mechanism that is our body synergy makes some odd demands.  Why do we ‘treat’ ourselves with sugary, fattening foods? Why is it that some can’t fathom a celebration without a rich dessert at the end of an already decadent dining experience?

Food is fuel!

And sometimes food is the drug of choice.  Making matters worse, that piece of toast, bowl of Lucky Charms, or even the bowl of xx Brand Soup has added wheat, salt, msg or other addititives that make us crave even more. It’s like you eat and only get hungrier. Now that we know what all the additives do to us, we also must question what’s in the box and what’s it doing to us.  That’s why I’m a big advocate of eating as fresh and as local as possible.

Questions you can ask yourself:

Overeating? What do you want MORE of?
Undereating? What makes you want to disappear?
Binge and purge or Binge and extreme exercise to burn it off? What’s really going on?

Ask the right questions and be willing to hear your inner voice. The words you hear as you talk to yourself? The quiet little voice that says something like: You want to be heard or You just aren’t happy in this xxx, xxx or xxx….

That’s the still voice that you want to get to know.  YOU! Only you have the answer.

Helping You Define Your Program

That’s what I do. In my health coaching practice, I will share with you what worked for me. But more importantly, we talk about YOU and find what will work for you. We are all biodynamic beings. We are all different and as we change we evolve. What worked for you 20 years ago might not work at all today.

Get off the Roller Coaster

I’ve done the roller coaster ride. I’ve done the obsessive dieting, obsessive working out, chronic self hatred for gaining 5 pounds… I know!

That’s why I’m all about eating clean and not pushing to extremes. Our bodies don’t love us back when we torture them. I’ve learned over the years to honor me, honor my body, my emotions, my spirit.

I once lived on 400 calories a DAY for about a year. Dropped down to 97 pounds, and still worked out at least an hour a day, and counted calories like they were deadly. I recall planning my day around food — copiously taking notes on exactly how many calories I would consume or burn to have a net loss.

A year later, I found myself standing in the kitchen stuffing my face in a numb daze of pain.

Are you ready yet?

If you are ready to stop the cycle of self abuse, I know I can help. How do I know? I’ve been there.

Emotional needs are real. You can’t heal until you feel it and release it. Feelings are not facts — but when we stuff them or suffocate them, they became the controlling monsters that destroy us.

I’ll be adding special segments for those with emotional eating concerns. For many clients, it’s not just about what to eat when. It takes more than that! I’ll also be writing columns over at the Be Well Bistro — our sister site that will soon be a growing community of fellow health seekers. Check it out at

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