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Reclaiming Self – Loving the Goddess Within

Reclaiming Self – Loving the Goddess Within
Let’s make 2018 GREAT by reconnecting with your inner Goddess
Let’s start with going deep into yourself. Reclaim Self and love the Goddess within.

Happy New Year you all,
It’s been kind of a homecoming for me. I signed on for a class by DailyOm titled Unleash the Goddess Within – a 21 day journey back to self. Sounds cool, doesn’t it. A simple practice for 21 days that embraces the inner Goddess of you. (ok – if you are a man, you might want to go do something else for a bit. This is for my women friends)

This is the year! Are you already saying you blew your resolutions so backslidiong away is more your thing?
Why not tweak your resolutions into a real life-changing process? If you really want to acheive that goal you set, you have to accept that there might be setbacks. IF you want to call it a goal, you have a better chance of making it real. But the power comes when you simply and powerfully choose to let the Goddess gifts support you to make the changes you need to make. This is what brings you back home.

When you Unleash the Goddess Within, you are establishing a deep connection with all that you are. You are raising your awareness of your own inner power. You are gently and easily coming inside to the home of you. You know how it feels when away from your family home and when you return you feel a different peace? Think of Reclaiming Self as the same thing – except it’s returning to you. You’ll know it when you get there. I promise. It’s when we stop looking – stop living outside ourselves and return to connect with all that is of us.

Let’s do this journey together. I’d love for you to join me. It’s going to be a great 2018. I’m sure of it. Change within leads to the real change without. (and yes, it’s time for a hair redesign too)

A while back I started several different programs. Everything from Anti Inflammation Diets to Living with Chronic Pain to Creating Your Sacred Space. It’s all taking off from where the Health Coaching became far beyond food and diet and weight loss. I’ve been a lifelong advocate of healthy choices — to the point that my coaching colleagues called me a pioneer in the healthy living world. I’ve been studying foods, nutrition and culinary arts since my college days — and adding to it was a adaptations due to injuries, jobs, or stresses. There’s always something we can do for our greater good. There is so much more to it than simply eating right and moving — and yet — without the basic foundation, we get nowhere.

Sure we can see therapists. We can talk till our face is blue. We can seek validation from others or give it to ourselves. We can do all kinds of things to dissolve emotional stuff – yoga, body work, energy work, journaling, 12 step work, spiritual work… the list of self help therapy like stuff goes on and on… and I’ve cultivated from these roots to provide for myself and share with others as it seems fit.

The more I did, the more I found me at the center. Until we find home – until we go to that place where we are not just saying we are comfortable with ourselves, but we deeply feel this change to fully being grounded, solid, and supported – we are susceptible to shatter. What I mean is it is so easy to fragment ourselves into strange pieces that reach out so far we break.

From day one, I felt a homecoming – a sense of returning to love and empowerment. Not the fiesty aggressive kind of empowerment, but the soft, clear minded, grounded and inspired self. From the start, we learned to call ourselves home – bringing all parts of ourselves back to our sacred space.It is the kind of homecoming that allows one to feel a sudden and dramatic shift.
I felt something similar on completion of Take Charge – a full force self defense program that combined hard core fighting, descalation, and self empowerment.

I’ll admit it to you. Sometimes words matter. When I heard women using the term Goddess or Womb, I cringed. It was just a weird sense of “what the heck”, shoulder shrug, head tilt to right with one eye shut… and then oh well. Whatever. I just thought it was odd. NOT ANY MORE.
In one 3 week period, I’ve found a return to who I am – a home coming – a deep sense of integration. There’s been so much happening, but particulary after the death of my mother, and many unplanned losses, that I was fractured. Rarely did I even tap in to the inner peace I new was there. Slowly, I became fractured.

This class, and I’ll tell you, I thought it was just a fun thing to do and had no expectations. But Wow!
Today – on day 20 – first words are:
“One thing you don’t want to be doing is constantly depending on and drawing from your “personal” power, your own life force. It’s important to know your own essence, the way that your power is true to you, what your voice is, AND also it’s crucial to keep yourself anchored and ultimately sourcing from somewhere beyond yourself. “

Heck yeah – if you are looking for a personal coach or guide to help you restore, restructure, revive, or just feel better overall, call me. I’m happy to take on new clients and also to create workshops. Maybe I’ll do a 1 day workshop or series if there are enough people interested. Just let me know.

If you want a bit more info on Anti Inflammation Dieting, here are a links you’ll find on this site. This is the highly recommended diet by the Arthritis Foundation, Oncologists, and even ranked high at the Mayo Clinic Foundation.  But I’m not selling their diet plan. I go with the expert, Dr. Andrew Weil and the program he pioneered. It is now taught at the University of Arizona, where I completed my certificate.


Your Clarity Session: FREE

Nancy100x100Free Coaching? Am I nuts? Well yeah… but this Clarity Session is your chance to find out what the buzz about health coaching is all about. Really. Free, for now at least.

Hey you all —

It just hit me. I haven’t made this offer in a really long time — so here it is. Almost  April. How would  YOU like to feel and look great by the end of May?  I invite you to schedule one clarity session with me personally to share with you how “one conversation can change your life”.  This invitation isn’t made lightly. Your Clarity Session is made because I care. I care about you. And I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t do everything I can to introduce you to how this amazing health coaching program can work for you. The best way is to let you experience your first session. I make it affordable, accessible, and easy for you to begin. I help you see how you can easily reach your next level of health and happiness. It is a Clarity Session because perhaps for the first time you feel clarity about how you can reach your goals  – and get that motivation to actually do it.

If you want to:
Energize your life
Kick the Sugar Blues
Lower the Stress
Find a Happier, Healthier and Sustainable Lifestyle that rocks!
Clearer skin, Brighter Eyes!
Lose a few pounds or a lot!
Rework your Menus
Restock Your Pantry
Learn to Shop Healthfully
Deal with Chronic Illness with help from foods and attitudes
Fight Chronic Pain and Lower Inflammation
Staying Active

There’s so much more we can do, but the first Clarity Session is crucial. That’s why we keep this introductory so stinking affordable. For you. You get personal experience in that first coaching session. It’s the best way for  you to get it. Health Coaching is not the same as Business Coaching. It’s not the same as a personal trainer who demands more repetitions or yells ONE MORE. Health coaching is a gentle change process that leads you to a lifetime of sustainable change.

The first step is easy.  And so affordable! Your Clarity Session gives you that bump into action – whether you sign up for my programs or just wing it on your own.

How much is it? Well…for a short time I’m offering my Introductory to Health Coaching FREE. I want you to experience the ease and fun I had when I went through my coaching program.  You’ll find out how nice it is to begin that conversation. You know! The one about You. The ONE that changes everything.

From now until April 18, this Clarity Session is free. Get on my calendar fast. No promises after April 18 except that I’ll keep the Clarity Session affordable.  I’ll have to charge something. I may keep it ridiculously low, but let’s get you rolling now. You’ve got nothing to lose. Call me.

It’s never too late to start.  We can meet for an hour in person if you live nearby. We can meet virtually for an hour. Either way — this session will give you clarity and motivation to take on the next phase of your health conquest.

Got it? One Free Clarity Session. For YOU.  Let’s get you rolling forward.  And if you refer a friend (which I hope you will consider), you both get a nice discount when you sign up for a serious coaching series.

ambassadorbadgeAre you ready?  Shoot me a note!

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Seriously — just do it.  One conversation truly can change your life.

I know my stuff — been practicing health and nutrition for 40 years, learned more from my BA in Hospitality Business Management plus a lifetime dedicated to living healthfully while having fun.  As a Hotel & Restaurant student, I learned menu planning, culinary expertise, and shopping tricks.  I learned science-based nutrition through the Hospitality Program at Washington State University.  I learned how to eat healthy and guide others through a lifetime of fitness pursuits. Pulling it all together to learn to teach others what seemed so natural to me, I completed several certification programs including the landmark program offered a the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Nancy Lamb, CHHC, BA

Your Integrative Health Coach

with recent certifications in:
Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Diet for Oncology
Integrative Nutrition
Training Specialist



Stand Out From the Crowd

What makes me different?

In health as in life, we are all unique. So when part of a global community of like-minded people, how we self brand is as important as how we business brand. As a solo-preneur, how I view each client is equally important. So what I bring to the table needs to be uniquely me. Thus, the question. What makes me stand out? Why do clients seek me out?

Being Part of a Group is not the same as Following the Crowd

As far back as high school, I never felt part of the many cliques. I always felt like I was on the fringes. It amazed me when someone whom I barely new said she saw me as “one of the popular crowd.” Isn’t it funny how others always see you differently than you feel?

I long for that sense of being a part of something bigger than myself. Something bigger than me. Don’t you? Don’t you just always really want that sense of belonging? It’s the human condition and we seek it out for the good or the bad. It’s what draws kids into gangs if they can’t find a healthier solution. It’s what makes so many good kids feel like they are the black sheep in their little worlds. I know – I was the black sheep in my family.

Not fitting in doesn’t make you a stranger

Each of us has a duality – a uniqueness combined with a desire to be a part. Until we can embrace that essence of duality, we will either dare to compromise ourselves to the point we get lost, or we dare to be so uniquely different that we are far on the fringes of the groups.
I refuse to buy into the idea that there is but one perfect solution for anything. Life is a bunch of twists, bends, and wavers – like a rocket that constantly adjusts towards a single target. The human condition is that way too. Knowing this, daring to be different, daring to be me, I live on the outskirts of the norm. It’s worked only because I was smart enough to leverage skills when I had to.

Who are YOU?

I started writing this as a branding question: What makes me stand out? Why do clients want to work with me? Whether it’s our business services, photography, or consulting, what is it that draws them in and keeps them on board? And those are the same questions that apply to who you are.

For us, the answer lies in a simple quest. We, as a business stand out for our services, our depth of skills, and our ability to listen. It’s our compassion combined with skillful delivery, strategic planning, and creative solutions. It’s the same for all of our endeavors.

As a health coach, I love the concept of bio-individuality. No one body is the same. This concept reaches out to every part of our lives. It’s not just what we eat or how we exercise. it’s about life. It’s about primary and secondary foods. At my health coaching school, they refer to this concept repeatedly. Bio-Individuality. Everyone is different. No diet works for everyone.


The answer became a philosophical question.

What makes me stand out? I dare to be me. It took a long time to figure it out. My nature is soft and gentle, but I learned (or maybe it was simply necessary) to develop a tough thick skin. I had to be tougher and not care so much about what others thought. This works today because I can be the real me – which is a complex blending of soft, gentle, strong, smart and bulldog. Being tough doesn’t take away the woman in me. Being feminine doesn’t make me roll over and play dead. I am me. You are YOU.

As beautiful Beings, we have a road we follow.

It takes a lifetime to really get this living figured out. That’s why today, it is a joyous thing to mentor younger adults. It’s equally joyous to consult with older people who are breaking through these age-old ideas. No one walks this path without stumbling on a few boulders. Being guided through this by an understanding, compassionate being makes a big difference – especially when that person has traversed her own boulder filled quagmire of stumbling blocks.

As a young adult, I sought to be strong, independent and wise. I failed to embrace my soft, feminine nature. Reviewing my career, I see a clear pattern. I was constantly in male-dominated companies. It became ingrained to not show my emotional side. Women at work were chastised and frowned upon if they showed emotion. They probably still are. Once I embraced the whole me, I became softer and empowered enough to let it be. Then I lost job opportunities. The feedback? The managers said I was too soft. Hah!

What’s it mean to be Like a Girl

It means be soft, strong, amazing, powerful, peaceful, talented, smart, witty….It means be anything you strive to be. Based on the viral video What it Means To Run Like a Girl, , perceptions haven’t changed much. This advertisement by Always tells us a lot about our ageless programs. I often hear my beloved saying: Cry like a Girl. It makes me cringe. I hate hearing that. This one advertisement, in 2014, is getting massive media attention. The video is important. The media storm about it is important.

How does this translate to our services today? Every ONE of us, male or female, straight or gay, must embrace their true nature in order to really stand out, make a difference, and make the world a better place. It’s why we are here.
The brainstorm behind the video, #Lauren Greenfield, was interviewed by various media outlets including ABC News. “‘Like a Girl’ should never be used as an insult,” Greenfield said. “It means being strong, talented and downright amazing.”

The video is in direct conflict with what I was taught as a young career girl. And it is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen done to promote true whole living

#LikeAGirl Utube Video

Building Skills or Disrespecting Myself?

I was building skills that I thought would earn me entry into one specific, male-dominated, company. Not knowing the truth behind their imposed brick wall to entree, I thought I just needed to prove myself. I worked hard to build the right set of business skills respected by the owners. It was never enough. To do it, I found myself most often been in male-dominated jobs, companies, and industries. I knew nothing different. I was so focused on becoming a part of that one company that I failed to look deeply into my essence. And there was no one to tell me that I could succeed AND be true to my feminine essence.

My role models whom I admired most were in business. So I strove to “be tough”, “be strong”, “do what a man would do” — which is what my Dad preached from the beginning. He didn’t want me to be a guy — he wanted me to succeed. In his mind that was the solution. And because we both recognized my skills in business, we never thought about softer careers such as nursing or teaching. And why would we? I was good in accounting, organization, writing, and pretty good with people. There was no reason to think I would go any other direction.

Gratefully, times have changed and women are no longer taught such demeaning and confusing nonsense.

Becoming Uniquely You

And Loving Every Part

It took a lot of work. Embracing the real me – Embracing the Real YOU is an adventure. It’s a journey into your true essence. It’s not what you think, it’s how you tap into your core and listen to the wisdom within you. Some use psychotherapy. Others turn to 12 step recovery rooms. And many use Yoga or Qi Gong or other healing arts.

The Question is always the same. Who Am I? Who Am I?

What makes me different? I refuse to buy into the idea that there is but one perfect solution for anything. Life is a bunch of twists, bends, and wavers – like a rocket that constantly adjusts towards a single target. The human condition is that way too. Knowing this, daring to be different, daring to be me, I give from my heart knowing it’s real. Knowing that when I deliver services, when I deliver coaching programs, I am giving to you from where I stand and helping you become more of you.

That’s the answer. Now how to get that down to a one sentence tagline. HAH.
That’s the trick. We know who we are. How do we tell the world in a quick, catchy, little phrase that is memorable, meaningful, and masterful?

It’s not drama: It’s life!

Who do you want to be?

We can all get drawn in emotionally. That’s why reality tv is so popular. People avoiding their own lives by watching the lives of others.

I’ve noticed several posts on Facebook of late about how to avoid other people’s drama.  In reality, its how we choose to listen and validate others. Or not. See, I grew up feeling that emotional anything was wrong. I grew up believing that any show of emotion was weakness. I’m not going into how I got that way. I will say that by the time I was 35, it was no longer working to keep a hard shell around me. And it took many years to learn to be my real self.

I ask you: Is it healthy to label real life as DRAMA?
When real things happen to you, your friends, your family — are you shutting them out and shoving them away because it’s too dramatic?

Read More→

Releasing the Ancient Wounds Opens the Gateway


It’s not about money and it’s not about the perfect body.

My health coaching is evolving and with it so am I. It’s pretty clear: At some point, we just know that it’s not so much about food. We can change our diets. We can add exercise. We can detox all year round. Until we open the floodgates and let the bad out, we don’t have room for the good unless we expand. So — let’d do something about it.

We can’t fix the past. No one can. We can talk about till we are bored silly with our own stories. We can spend tens of thousands over decades of ‘talk therapy’ and find that the sore spots still fester at a simple trigger. What’s the trigger point? It could be a voice, seeing a name, seeing  an advertisement, hearing someone else’s pain….or just that unconscious mental moment.

Let’s get rid of this stuff, eh?

Five Steps to Releasing and Revitalizing YOU







So Can I. And if I can YOU SURE CAN.

Want to try it out? Call me for a single session. If you love it, you can sign up for a package. It works. I’m working it.

Love you all.


Essentials: Do the Essential Oils do more harm than good?

rosesfromrickEssential Oils anyone?

For chemical sensitives and scent wary people, please be ware. These scents are highly concentrated. Even if they are organic, they can wreak havoc on your system. I know. The worst asthma attack of my life came on strong as a fellow yogi entered the studio with what seemed like a bottle of Rose Essential Oil emanating out from him to fill the entire studio with ROSE.  Instant, harsh, and nearly debilitating asthma attack for me.  There is so much more about these oils. It’s not just you they are treating. I came to understand something that only an energy aware person will get. Read More→

Got Milk?

Got Milk? The Dairy Farmers would like you to believe the consumption of dairy products is the best way to build strong bones. It is just not the  only way. Dairy is such a controversial topic. It’s beyond lactose intolerance. It’s about Raw versus Pasteurized. It is about antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. If you are chemical sensitive, you can’t tolerate these things. I get migraines from them. I know!
The master of Ayurvedic, John Douillard, gave a talk at my school about dairy products. He is a proponent for organic, raw dairy. Here’s his take on dairy: Read More→

Will Smith Rocks It on the power of Your Words and thoughts

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you to be realistic. Realistic is the mark of MEDIOCRITY.

Don’t ever believe you can’t build a brick wall — take one brick at a time, lay it down as perfectly as you can, and eventually, YOU HAVE A WALL.

Why didn’t I think of that!

Ladies — if you are over 50, you are probably thinking about menopause in one way or another. If you are like me, you are breezing right along, leaving medication needs to your doctor. When I mentioned some symptoms to my GP — he said: Oh, that’s just situational. I took his word for it and cruised right along, never having hot flashes, night sweats, or other common symptoms — and not realizing just how cranky and unhappy I’d become. I also didn’t realize that the chronic dry skin and lips, chronic anxiety and up and down symptoms of depression were anything that would be related to this time of life.

It suddenly dawned on me. More like it, fireworks went off in my head when I realized that Read More→

Step into a New You

feet_sand_1_790x474Step into a new you in a new year. Don’t let those failed resolutions get you down. No one really gets lasting results unless they make a lifestyle change. I know. I’m an ex-smoker. Year after year, I said: This year is the year I quit for good. This year is the year I quit. Within a day or so, I found all kinds of excuses.

Here’s the deal: You need a better strategy. A workable strategy that takes you from dream to plan to intended results.

Start with a foundation for optimal health. Crowd out the old behaviors by replacing them with better ones.