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Cycling Head Games

It’s that time again. The fight for the yellow jersey is on!

Tour de France is here.

And with it comes an extra motivation that hits all cyclists: recreation riders, triathletes, endurance engines, commuters, home town racers, and semi pro’s to boot.

How can we not get excited. It’s mid stream in the warmer, drier months. Especially here in Seattle where the winter rains make it a bit more interesting to ride skinny tires. And many folks just consider winter an off season. Come July 5, summer is on, it’s hot, people are in better shape, and they once again are loving their bikes. I know it’s true. It happens to my husband and I every year. We watch the opening day. It’s fun. We tap in to the world of cycling where we see individuals compete on teams.

The views are gorgeous.

The crowds are fun.

The commentary is a combination of education, color, and hope.

The wins and the losses touch us deeply, as if we are watching friends.

Mind / Body Kinesthetic Motivation

Every year, as we stare at those guys in colorful kits spinning hard across fascinating terrain, our leg muscles literally twitch with motivation. Their cadence becomes our mental map of what our legs should do. It’s a mind body thing, similar to the Kinesthetics programs sold that teach a sport via a video. They use a technique that trains the mind to activate the muscles.  What I mean is simple. The mind watches so closely that the body is tricked into thinking it is doing what it sees.  It’s part Inner Game of Tennis, Kinesthetic Learning, and part Psycho Cybernetics.  (Ref: ideas and books that I grew up with)

The Kinesthetic Ski Instruction Videos are long off the market, but check out this awesome reference guide on the Mental Games of Sports Performance.

But it’s just a bike race. Or is it?

Oh heck no. It’s not just a bike race. It’s an opportunity for the viewer to learn, get excited about the industry, learn what new items are on the market, find out about great products, fun escapes, and …. ok, all of that. But its’ also the best marketing machine for cycling for the entire year.

How do I know? Because each year, as I watch, I also get emails. Emails from favorite manufacturers. Facebook posts offering a chance to win. Bike companies offering great discounts. And favorite cycling stores like Competitive Cycle, offering a deal a day. Like this one from a favorite vendor: Competitive Cycle

It’s brilliant. Everyone wins. The Tour de France Sale: Daily Deals for All 21 Stages

It’s not just the Tour! It’s mid summer special season and if the stores aren’t touting Tour deals, they are touting Mid Summer Seasonal specials. It’s time for them to gear up for fall, so they need to inspire us to get into the store and help them clear out inventory. And if you are like me, I’d rather be riding that shopping. I tend to put off purchases until I really need stuff. A simple trip to a store can be an hour or two lost riding time. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a time suck.  And my solution: Buy Online when I can, when it makes sense, when I trust the vendor.

Companies like Competitive Cycle make life so much easier. They are a known entity. They offer not only the best, but a nice array. Sure they cater to the elite, but aren’t we all a little elite?  I trust these guys. I can call them and ask specific questions. I can get honest answers. Returns are easy too.
Then there is the stand by Recreational Equipment Coop, Inc.  REI not only has a great Mega Sale or Summer Sale, but you can buy online, and return in store if it doesn’t work.

I have my favorite local brick and mortar stores, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Some local guys that only carry the elite and cater to the upper echelon. They lose me. I don’t really need the top of the line cycling stuff. Do you? If you aren’t a racer, aren’t in the industry, and really just want a bit of comfort for a reasonable price –you don’t want to spend $300 on a pair of tights when the $150 tights do the job.  Unless the guy at the shop convinces you that those $300 knickers are the absolute most comfortable ever and you just can’t live without them.  Me? I buy the best that works for me. And I bet you do too. If everything in a store like Competitive Cycle makes sense, that’s where you shop.

Every year, on the 5th of July, we start seeing it. More yellow. More polka dots. More Strava reports. More fun. It’s summer! It’s time for the Tour de France. Let’s RIDE!

And don’t forget — check out the daily deals at Competitive Cycle for the next 21 days. The Tour de France Sale: Daily Deals for All 21 Stages

Wheat Belly Baby



How important is it to really understand why the changes you make are working? I’d say pretty important. If you don’t know WHY something is working, how can you possibly repeat it and get lasting results.

Say you cut out all wheat products. You drop 20 – 50 pounds easily. But in the process of eliminating all wheat, you also cut out 500 – 1500 calories a DAY, eliminate a large amount of fat, salt and sugar. And because you cut out packaged foods that contain wheat, you also cut out large quantities of additives and preservatives. You suddenly  find yourself eating more FRESH fruits and vegetables.

What’s really going on here? You’ve eliminated not one, but several items.  I hear an old song playing in my head: Ya gotta blame it on something.  Blame it on the Rain…. Read More→

Mark Hyman, MD and Katie Couric talk about the Diet Industry

Ever look at a 1 pound pile of gelatinous fat? I once went to a body fat measurement session and the personal trainer had this yellow jello like display that he said was what ONE POUND of fat looked like. It was rather ugly, but then he said: So imagine that coursing through your body? Suddenly, adding any kind of butter or oil to my food was not appetizing at all. How could it be?

That was in the late 80’s, I’d been working in the health club industry and was totally into making sure my body fat was under the average.  I ran 8 – 10 miles a day, 4 days a week, I lifted free weights 4 – 5 days a week, and learned all I could about living nutrition.  Not the text book stuff from my college nutrition courses — I was focused on endurance training. I needed to know how to eat for performance. I really was an obsessed woman of the 80’s.

Fortunately for me, my beverage of choice was coffee or tea, no sugar please.  I’ve never been much for soda pop or any carbonated beverages, for that matter. I’d read once that the carbonation messes with your digestive process and it bloats you, so I just learned to say no thank you. But I fell for the low fat or chemical sweetened stuff.  It’s all wrong.

The diet industry is HUGE — and so much is leading people to think about food the wrong way.  Mark Hyman, MD, is one of my instructors (can I say mentor? )   who talks some good sense!  Check it out!

Mark and Katie talk about sugar and fat


Put an end to the feeding frenzy

12 steps for Dealing post Holiday Feeding Frenzies

1. Reduce or eliminate caffeine. The ups and downs of caffeine include dehydration and blood sugar swings, causing sugar cravings to be more frequent. Learn to love green tea – it has caffeine, but it is different. Some say green tea helps lose weight. I don’t know about that, but it’s a better caffeine.

2. Drink water. LOTS OF WATER. Start each day with 8 – 12 Oz of hot lemon water. Fill in your day with a glass of water before each meal, before or between each cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage. Drinking water, with or without lemon, sustains, satiates, redirects. You can easily drop a few pounds simply by drinking more water. Sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Before you go for the sugar, have a glass of water and then wait a few minutes to see what happens. Caution: soft drinks are now America’s number one source of added sugar.

Read More→

Wheat Free is not the same as Gluten Free

   Reading the labels in your pantry may surprise you.  You think you are doing ok — no excess sugar, no bad fats, nothing that isn’t on a ‘sanctioned’ health list. You may have a lot of manufactured foods that say: Natural, Low Fat, Sugar Free…. And so on.  They may even have the name of a well advertised weight loss program on them.  What you may not know is what’s really in them may be worse for you than putting a tablespoon of brown sugar on your bowl of home made hot cereal.

Dr. Hyman just explained what I’ve known, but not scientifically understood. I’ve been sensitive to wheat since I was a kid. In 2007, I started developing stomach pain while also feeling fat and bloated. I kept gaining weight. I ate reasonably well and maintained a steady fitness program complete with strength, cardio, and stretching 4 – 7 days a week. I was baffled.  I was miserable, but kept trying to do more and work harder.  The weight piled on and the clothes got tighter.   Then the pains began.

First, I saw a Naturopathic Doctor who did some food sensitivity and allergy tests. Next I did the elimination diet — cutting out wheat and eggs, plus dairy. Dairy wasn’t on the list, but I’d been allergic to dairy since a child too.

The stomach pain always comes on when I eat a lot of wheat – breads, pastries and pasta.  My husband loves it so it was always around.  I did not grow up eating a lot of wheat, so whatever I ate was abnormal for me.  I thought moderation was plausible so I partook but didn’t over indulge. This bloated, heavy, plump feeling was a slow manifestation. I gained over 25 pounds in 6 years.  That was more than the 4 pounds I’d gained when I quit smoking.  What was worse was my feet always hurt, sometimes so bad I cried in pain. That meant my exercise program was shot. Gone.

We took up kayaking in part because of my feet. It’s a lot of fun but it is not cardio.

If you eat a lot of wheat – and I don’t mean just bread – please read this article. It might help you regain your health.

For me, cutting out wheat is vastly more important than anything else I could do to live the healthful life I want.  Far more important than going vegan, cutting out animal products, or going 100% organic — I needed to eliminate WHEAT.  It wasn’t as easy as most think.  Cutting out bread was obvious. Cutting out pasta was again obvious. When I stopped eating any packaged, pre prepared foods, I suddenly noticed my feet were pain free. Happy Feet meant Happy ME!  Over the past 4 months, the pain has returned. Writing this article is a great reminder:  Wheat is a sneaky additive.  The return of pain in both feet is possibly due to WHEAT is sneaking back into my diet. Eating out is always a problem and of late, we have eaten out a lot more.   It’s back to basics!

People are not going to change until they have a reason. A friend of mine had extreme pain in her feet until she learned it was due to an allergy to wheat. Not gluten, but wheat.  She went for years trying to figure out why her feet felt broken.  After she cut out wheat, she was pain free. It worked for me too. It’s in all kinds of foods including licorice!

What’s the deal with packaged foods? Well, most have additives to extend the portions. You just have to read the labels. Really read the labels.  See if you eat a can of our favorite MMM MMM Good Soup (no brand names mentioned), and the manufacturer adds wheat as a thickener, you have no idea how it was grown or how much.  And then you want a nice home made casserole, that made almost from scratch. But the bottle or can of sauce or soup that has those yummy comfort flavors — say it’s a cheese soup or a mushroom sauce made by a famous brand with “all natural” on the label.  And then for breakfast, you say ‘screw it’ – I want pancakes.

In all these items, you only know that the label says all natural and also includes wheat in the list of ingredients.  It can’t be much because it’s low on the the list.  So what the heck — eat it and enjoy a faster mean.  Right?   WRONG!

Wheat? It’s not what you think it is. And if you are worried about phantom aches and pains, extreme pains, and possibly unexplained weight gain, try examining what’s going into your daily diet.  It’s not just about bread.
I will go through your cupboards and help you identify what’s really in your foods. I do grocery store tours, and I work with clients to help them figure all of this .

Is sugar toxic? – 60 Minutes – CBS News

Is sugar toxic? – 60 Minutes – CBS News.

Shut Up about Health Already

Shut Up About Health Already!  

A friend’s post inspired me…
Lisa Tucker is a fellow health coach and friend from school. I found this on her website. This article seems to urge me to tell my story. It’s time. All my talk about healthy stuff — it’s not just a business idea. It’s because I care so deeply. You want to know what fueled my fire to dive back in to a healing career. Maybe you just want to know what all the talk about juicing, whole foods, and eating locally is really about.

Lisa posted about one persons’ journey. I can only say please — click on the link, read it, and then get your butt back here to read my story.

It could be any one of you!
You know what? It could be any one of you! Read More→

Want to EAT EVERYTHING? Try cutting out sugar

Sugar Addiction?

It’s an epidemic. It’s a trap. It’s about how the dieting paradigm is flawed. As people get fatter, and sicker, they try all kinds of diets. They never stop to think about what’s really going on in their bodies. It’s time for change!

I know — I rarely ate packaged foods, used to run, and work out for hours. I practiced a revolutionary way of living, eating, and playing. My career suffered but my body was happy!

I met and married a man I love, but his ‘gourmet’ eating meant a lot more of the stuff I never ate. Oils, sugars and preservatives are hidden in all those jarred and canned ‘gourmet’ items. Especially sugars. And long words I don’t pronounce, but know they aren’t made by nature. I gained 28 pounds in less than 10 years! Then I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and decided enough was enough.

Out came my juicer and my Vitamix. I began with healthy soups. I continued with juicing and a plate that was half filled with vegetables. I made sure I did everything possible to take control of this growing beast. I insisted on eating home more and going out less and less. I went back to my normal and the pounds quickly fell off. Fortunately, my husband came along for the ride. I’ve lost 20 pounds and kept it off. He’s lost 50! And talking about riding, we are both cycling nuts again. All the aches and pains: Gone. All the stiff, tight joints: Fluid and flexible. My muscles and joints respond better. I’m more relaxed. I just feel better.

One must understand what’s in the foods they eat before they will think about changing. We all have options.

One serving of Newman’s own LIGHT salad dressing? Check this out:
Serving Size: 2 TBSP
Calories: 60
Fat Calories: 40
Total Fat: 4G
Sat. Fat .5G
Trans Fat 0
Cholestral 0 mg
Sodium 380 mg
Total Carb: 0
Sugars 3G

THREE GRAMS OF SUGAR per TWO TABLESPOONS? Think about it. That quantity isn’t too bad until you realize that its a high percentage of the total amount.

But it gets worse and here is why:

1 Teaspoon of sugar = 7 Grams
1 Tablespoon of sugar = 14 Grams

My home made salad dressing gets a teaspoon of sugar for the WHOLE BATCH — not a single serving.

And when you add it up — it means that one Cliff Bar — a seemingly natural and healthy alternative to a candy bar — that Cliff bar has 21 Grams — or nearly two TABLESPOONS of sugar. I know because I read the label.

My favorite Raw Revolution all raw energy bar? That 140 calorie so called healthy alternative is 22 Grams of sugar — and even though its mainly natural sugar, its still SUGAR.

I tell my clients: Start crowding out packaged foods.  A little advance thinking, and you can easily substitue the sugary stuff for home made healthier fare.  Salad dressing is easy.  If I run out of time, I’ll mix balsamic vinegar with walnut oil — nothing else.   Want some sweet in your oatmeal? Add a chopped up fresh apple and a bit of honey and cinnamon. Sure there is ‘some’ sugar, but nothing compared to the pre packaged stuff sold on the shelves.  And if really crunched for time, make it overnight in your crockpot.

Crowd out the stuff that’s bad for you.

Sugar — its what it does that matters

Ever think about what sugar really does to you? It’s never just a spoonful of sugar — it becomes an addiction to grab that sugar high on a day when your energy is low. Here’s a great graphic of sugar and what it does:

Juicing and Juicers

Hi everyone!

I’m amazed at how much I am enjoying juicing. Every morning, I make a “Mean Green” that’s filled with super greens.  It’s amazing how my body just goes: AHHHHHH, That feels good!  Seriously.  I’ve done this every morning since June with rare exceptions. Those exceptions just prove to me how great this is. It’s fresh. It’s raw nutrients. And because I made it in my kitchen, it is not damaged by Read More→