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Counting to 10

Hey guys, have you been counting to 10? Do you want to know a powerful secret my Dad taught me?

My Dad was the guy with a cliche for everything. Counting to 10 was just one of them.

I was a fearful yet fiesty teen. There were reasons. School wasn’t safe. Being the baby, the closest would tease me mercilessly.  And while I hated it at the time, Dad would say just as I before I was about to lose it and burst into hysterical tears:  Count to 10…..Dad was smart. He was reading me the whole time. I wrongly believed he just didn’t want the tears, but maybe … just maybe he knew he was teaching me what it took him 40 years to figure out.
Count to 10! We can make some crazy decisions, burst out words in fear that serve no one.  But if we just SLOW down, count to 10 and THINK… we might change everything.

Today I started listening to Impact Theory. I’m so grateful to a friend for recommending this show. It’s really good.
Mel Robbins speaks on the Impact Theory and I was blown away. . The gist is you count backwards and are commited to taking an action at 0. Something like 5-4-3-2-1-0 Blast off. Her whole brand is now about her 5 second rule. It’s such a great talk that I bought the book .

But Dad had some magic to his methods. He didn’t become the Executive VP of his business and mentor countless sales experts on a wish and a prayer. Dad had that magic ability to manage his mind. That’s where his count to 10 mantra came from. You can literally manage yourself and your emotions when you slow down and remember Harmony is the goal. Not winning. Harmony!

and when you count
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

slowly and mindfully… your shift happens. You see it differently. The person trying to “get your goat” can’t. You win becuase they can’t poke the bear.

I knew my Dad really well. As we grew older, I took the time to talk with him. And Dad showed me how to be. All those times I’d be teased to tears by my brother paid off because in my mind, I choose to remember Dad’s sage words.  I think more fondly of Dad and those messages — not because it stopped the anguish I felt, but it helped me learn to manage my emotions. Maybe too well. But that’s another saga.

School itself was fun and easy for me.  I loved learning. I still do. That’s why I keep my mind sharp by reading and learning new things all the time. But school sucked. There were dangers lurking in the hallways. (ok dramatic, but if I was to tell you the stories, you’d see the drama anyway.) Adn those age old fears can return unbeknownst to me.  What Dad was doing was teaching me to heal my dragon.

I’ve been using this on social media a lot lately. There are too many trolls. Counting to 10 saves me much grief. Try it. Try it everywhere…


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

One Chicken 4 Meals

One Chicken 4 ways!

Ever sit there with a full meal in your head and no energy to do the mis-en-plac?
Yeah, it happens.

It is 6:30 A.M.
While my coffee is brewing – I got a pot of chicken bones ready for a great bone broth. It’s a simple recipe, but makes fantastic chicken soup.

I threw chicken bones into a big soup pot along with my favorite seasonings and vegetables.
Using the bones from a pre-roasted Chicken and the bones frozen from the last roast, a few chicken feet, I started my soup.
I add salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, basil leaves, turmeric, and brewers yeast every time.
Cook it with an onion, celery, and carrot and whatever other leftover vegetables. Often, I put in a few kale leaves.
SECRET: Alway skim off the foam on top of your brew. It’s not good, it doesn’t taste good, and if you take the time to skim it off, your soup will be wonderful. (the foam is the impurities bubbling to the top. Do NOT stir it back in)

While that brews away, I decided to carve up the roasted chicken into serving plans for the next week.

Back to the notion proposed in culinary school: Cook once, eat twice was often touted. Waste nothing!

Roasted bones are best and what better way that to roast the bones with the meat on them. If lazy, the grocers always sell roasted chickens. And I had one. Today, I used the bones I froze a while back and added fresh bones from the chicken carcass.

With fresh brewed coffee to sip on, I carved the roasted chicken, added these bones to the soup, sliced the breast and put it into a storage bag, chopped the dark meat and put into a different storage bag. That’s 4 meals made easy.
Tonight, we’ll have chicken enchiladas with enough leftover for a lunch.
Tomorrow, we’ll probably eat something else, but we have sliced chicken ready for either a casserole or sandwiches, whatever comes to mind.
And for me — All the bone broth I want following my surgery. We often use the broth for other soups, rice, or the congi we’ll make for breakfast over the weekend.

The trick is to think ahead, make full meals or set aside the mis en plac so you have it ready. It’s the difference between a good cook and a chef that thinks ahead.

Hippy: Hip Impingement Surgery

Hippy: Hip Impingement aka Femero-Acetabular Impingement — FAI for short… and OUCH for real
Hip Impingment Surgery coming up soon. Thought I’d share a bit about the preplanning. It is taking a lot of time to coordinate post op in home survival. It is reminding me of just how good I am at coordinating and project managing, but it’s also making me over work this probably simple situation.

But first — anyone considering surgery must remember to ask the right questions. Don’t assume anything. There comes a time when you finally ask the right questions. And I finally did.
The right question in any Doctor’s office – especially in a surgeons – is simple:
“What are my other options? ”  and if they say surgery —
always ask: “Is there any other non-invasive option?”

I so wish I’d asked that a year ago.

Hip injuries really damage the quality of life. It’s not supposed to happen this young, we say. We’ve taken great care of ourselves, tried to eat well, tried to exercise — and still.. things happen. We can work it out on our own – just massage, exercise and take it easy for a while. But when that doesn’t help, you know there’s an issue bigger than you thought. After 6 months of self management, I saw a PT for 9 months. By that time, I could barely walk. The more I did the worse I got.

Facing Hip Surgery and it’s so complicated. Crutches, stairs, and oh dear… Here’s my strategy. Things must be thought through before hand. With a disabled spouse, it’s essential that I create a few plans. I keep saying things like:

This Hippy (that’s what they call us) is not so happy about surgery.
But she’s got a plan. It’s a good plan. Maybe it’s a great plan. But it requires help. And asking for help is not easy. And it’s kind of funny how much I find online that is different than the doctor’s office recommendations. Rick’s doc would call them medical profiteers — they are selling stuff to make money. Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware. (Might consider a website dedicated to selling stuff to help)

What I’m finding is I need a balance of tools to help compared to what the doctor says I really need. I saved over $300 by not buying stuff that others wrote about on their hippy experience.

So here’s the plan:
Eat clean prior to surgery, ensuring I eat uplifting foods and eat a rainbow of colors while getting the best nutrients.
Organize a space to hang out in the house.
Tested crutches and found better padding options to avoid pressure point pain.

And a pretty, matching Crutcheze carry case that attaches to the crutches:

And if these things aren’t enough to help, I have plenty of backpacks I can use to haul stuff around the house.
Like the ice pack I’ll need. I found this brand works the best. The cold stays cold, it’s super flexible, and there is little risk of tearing. And if I use my laptop backpack, I can carry it from freezer to my spot on the couch.

The bigger dilemma will be food preparation and self-care.
Cook a bunch of meals and put in the freezer.
Do a Costco Run and buy all kinds of good things to freeze or have in pantry.
Stock up on staples and sundries.
Enlist help from friends to check on me, check on hubby, help with household stuff.

Drink lot’s of liquids: Water, Fresh Juice with lot’s of “mean green”  and Bone Broth all fresh made.
Take the right supplements: Immune support, Holy Basil Plus, Calcium, D3, and a multi
Make sure I eat lots of fibrous foods and get enough protein

Move! The doc’s office says they want me to move. They don’t want me sitting around.

Probably get a massage or two.

The big concern right now is how to help my disabled hubby get through this without crashing. He can’t do a fraction of what he wants to do on a good day. He’s not used to needing to help me. I fear the stress will be too much and I have no idea what to do about it.

They don’t teach this in business school. They don’t teach this in post grad school either. Somehow, either you think like a project manager or you don’t. I’ve got that ingrained in me. Drive people nuts when I think things through, but not much falls through the cracks. Thanks to Terry Umbreit, who taught us well.

The Power of Self

Hey everyone,
I know – it’s been a while. Sometimes solitude helps me see my reality. Sometimes sharing with a trusted friend helpTalking with some to reason things outs. And sometimes, I find myself talking so much I stop doing. The last few months has revealed to me the nature of that wrong. See — if I keep talking, I’m not writing and I’m not coaching.

At some point, we go inside and ask ourselves the hard questions. What’s the most important thing for me to do right now? Why am I really avoiding taking that step? What’s wrong with not being perfect? If we don’t act, we can’t know if we would succeed. By talking all the time, avoiding action, and finding all kinds of things to do that are just easier than that one terrifying action, we never know the result.

I’ve been re-visualizing what I want to become. It’s clear — I am a writer. I’ve been a writer all my life. My first work was poetry. But even in junior high school, I loved writing essays. I loved the whole process: conceptualize, research, study, and write!  It gave me clarity and helped me formulate my core beliefs.

Listening to Jeff Goins yesterday, I heard this: “I am going to have to pick myself”  and what he meant was this: Stop waiting for someone else to define you. Stop waiting for someone out there to give you permission. If you want to be a writer, you must write. None of the other stuff is as important. You can’t be all things to all people. You can’t keep up with your own writing if you are constantly reacting to social media madness.

Jeff is a writer. He seems like a nice young man. He’s wise, and he’s kind, and he hooked me by his delivery. But it was his writing that caught my attention.

The truth is we don’t become something. We already are. We just need to let ourselves own it. I am a writer. I am a coach and I inspire others to act on their dreams, visions, and goals. I inspire others to change. That’s what coaching is all about. A conversation.  And first, we must coach ourselves into taking daily action. Really — if I am not being the example for what I ask of you, then why would you ever trust me?

My business model is about me – but as I grow, as I master my destiny, I get to inspire you to do the same.  I’m so not perfect. Yeah, me. I ate ice cream before dinner yesterday. I drank some wine later too. But 90% of the time, I live what I preach: a healthy life. I can fall into stinking thinking, but it’s always a quicker turn around when I practice at it. We are all that way.

So if you want to have that trusted conversation, believe me — I can hear you – both what you say and what you don’t quite say. I can help. But  you have to be willing. I can’t make you see what you refuse to see. I can’t prove to you that I can help you restore your vibrancy. I can only show you what’s worked for me, for my family and for my clients.

Your call to action: Call me to set up a free 30 minute initial visit. Let’s see where you are and where you want to go. And – how I can help you get there.
Nancy Lamb

The Power in Sharing

The Mighty Coconut Fails

© Matka_wariatka | - <a href="">Coconut Oil Photo</a>

The Coconut Fallacy continues…to crack

The Mighty Coconut Fails

to prove it’s power.  Just read some science-based information proving to me that this fatty fad hasn’t measured up.  It’s about saturated fats!
In my nutrition school, they never really addressed this specific issue or trend. While countless coaches touted the virtues of the mighty nut, no one offered concrete proof that consuming coconut oil could cure everything from obesity to chronic illness to gum disease. While the claims grew, there were no numbers to support the claims. No control groups. No scientific evidence.

Laura Thomas, PH,D. in Nutritional Science,  offers some scientific evidence and professional thought on the mighty nut.  In her Huff Post article, The Death of the Coconut, she raises many of my concerns.  Laura has validated my suspicions. Kudos to her for doing that research. The gist of it is this: Eat fat, raise cholesterol count. Lower fat, lower cholesterol.

Surely there’s more to it, I once thought.  How can so many of my colleagues be touting high consumption of this particular fat. It defies logic. Eat it to cure chronic illness, increase brain function, lose weight, clean your teeth, cure dry skin, heal cuticles, and lower inflammation?  Every time I asked someone to provide proof, they proved they didn’t have any. While Costco sells huge containers of the trendy fat, people are buying it like crazy. It’s kind of nutty.

Let’s make logic out of the darling coconut super food:

Read More→

The Truth About Carbs

I got a little fired up the other day. Why? I’m not just a health food fanatic. I don’t get my information from reading fad magazines and listening to pop nutrition quasi know it alls.

When it comes to carbohydrates, I know a lot. I know how food burns in the body. I go with the most common simplest concept of moderation. Extremist eating almost always leads to backlash into extremism the other direction. If you deny your body what it needs, your body will eventually crave it.

Matt was arguing about what a carb is. He told me that all carbs are bad. WRONG! If I went by that, I would not get enough vitamins and nutrients – especially B vitamins from minimal whole grains. I would not get the phytonutrients nor the micronutrients from fruits and vegetables.  WE need carbs – but it’s about what kind of carbohydrate you are eating.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Read More→

Fall Food brings out the creative in us

Hey everybody,

It’s fall. In fact, this coming weekend we Fall Back into the darkness of a new time zone. Instead of succumbing to the dark days of winter, why not amp up your spirits with some creative cookery?

Here at the Lamb Bistro we start making soups. It’s an art and a science. The combinations of smells waft through the house like there’s a party going on, but it’s just that little pot simmering on the stove.

Today — It’s Pea Soup. Pea Soup is something I didn’t just HATE when I was young. I had a physical revulsion to it. Now, some 40 years later, I can hear my Mom saying I told you so. See it was a favorite of hers. She loved it. It was one of the few soups she made from scratch – as we grew up with Cambpell’s and Progresso. (no wonder I never liked soup)
But making it in your own kitchen — oh is it good!

Pea Soup -- So Good So Easy

A beautiful pot of soup

Want the recipe? Send me a note:
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7 Day Complaining Cleanse? Can you do it?

Just received an email from my brother. It was a link to an article talking about taking a 7 day vacation from complaining. His only comment: Think any of you could do it? I’m sure we all fall prey to this phenomenon. We get tired. We get achy or hurt. Things aren’t going the way we expected and suddenly we start looking at every thing with that evil eye.

The Four Agreements is a life changing book that teaches the value of mindfulness in a most unique way.

Yep — I’m susceptible to stinking thinking too. We all do it and it’s a lifelong practice to avoid it. I find myself deleting antagonists from my FB page these days. I hadn’t always been so quick – but these people just pull out a knee jerk reaction that I don’t like.

One woman befriended me, then started smack talking MY husband in one way or another. I don’t know what her problem is, but Kitty (name changed to protect the innocent) just had it out for anyone that was not her. At first, it was about everyone else. She’d pick digital fights with my other friends. Then she started digitally smacking me about everything I wrote.

These are the people I need to stay away from. Why? Well, it’s not good for me to stew over ‘why’ they choose to pick a fight, complain, and disrespect everyone.

It leads me to how I’ve learned and grown. When younger — I was that whiner. Nothing was good enough. I think I was trained to look at what was wrong in order to fix it. I got it at home, at college, and even at work. I was literally paid to figure out how to make improvements to processes, systems and such…..

I wasn’t paid, nor did I ever find any value in trying to fix another person — especially if they didn’t ask, and didn’t even know.

This book made a huge difference. The Four Agreements! First up: Be Mindful of Your Word.

If you want to watch your words, you must know more about how to mind your words. There is more to it than just not complaining.

Cycling Head Games

It’s that time again. The fight for the yellow jersey is on!

Tour de France is here.

And with it comes an extra motivation that hits all cyclists: recreation riders, triathletes, endurance engines, commuters, home town racers, and semi pro’s to boot.

How can we not get excited. It’s mid stream in the warmer, drier months. Especially here in Seattle where the winter rains make it a bit more interesting to ride skinny tires. And many folks just consider winter an off season. Come July 5, summer is on, it’s hot, people are in better shape, and they once again are loving their bikes. I know it’s true. It happens to my husband and I every year. We watch the opening day. It’s fun. We tap in to the world of cycling where we see individuals compete on teams.

The views are gorgeous.

The crowds are fun.

The commentary is a combination of education, color, and hope.

The wins and the losses touch us deeply, as if we are watching friends.

Mind / Body Kinesthetic Motivation

Every year, as we stare at those guys in colorful kits spinning hard across fascinating terrain, our leg muscles literally twitch with motivation. Their cadence becomes our mental map of what our legs should do. It’s a mind body thing, similar to the Kinesthetics programs sold that teach a sport via a video. They use a technique that trains the mind to activate the muscles.  What I mean is simple. The mind watches so closely that the body is tricked into thinking it is doing what it sees.  It’s part Inner Game of Tennis, Kinesthetic Learning, and part Psycho Cybernetics.  (Ref: ideas and books that I grew up with)

The Kinesthetic Ski Instruction Videos are long off the market, but check out this awesome reference guide on the Mental Games of Sports Performance.

But it’s just a bike race. Or is it?

Oh heck no. It’s not just a bike race. It’s an opportunity for the viewer to learn, get excited about the industry, learn what new items are on the market, find out about great products, fun escapes, and …. ok, all of that. But its’ also the best marketing machine for cycling for the entire year.

How do I know? Because each year, as I watch, I also get emails. Emails from favorite manufacturers. Facebook posts offering a chance to win. Bike companies offering great discounts. And favorite cycling stores like Competitive Cycle, offering a deal a day. Like this one from a favorite vendor: Competitive Cycle

It’s brilliant. Everyone wins. The Tour de France Sale: Daily Deals for All 21 Stages

It’s not just the Tour! It’s mid summer special season and if the stores aren’t touting Tour deals, they are touting Mid Summer Seasonal specials. It’s time for them to gear up for fall, so they need to inspire us to get into the store and help them clear out inventory. And if you are like me, I’d rather be riding that shopping. I tend to put off purchases until I really need stuff. A simple trip to a store can be an hour or two lost riding time. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a time suck.  And my solution: Buy Online when I can, when it makes sense, when I trust the vendor.

Companies like Competitive Cycle make life so much easier. They are a known entity. They offer not only the best, but a nice array. Sure they cater to the elite, but aren’t we all a little elite?  I trust these guys. I can call them and ask specific questions. I can get honest answers. Returns are easy too.
Then there is the stand by Recreational Equipment Coop, Inc.  REI not only has a great Mega Sale or Summer Sale, but you can buy online, and return in store if it doesn’t work.

I have my favorite local brick and mortar stores, but sometimes it doesn’t work. Some local guys that only carry the elite and cater to the upper echelon. They lose me. I don’t really need the top of the line cycling stuff. Do you? If you aren’t a racer, aren’t in the industry, and really just want a bit of comfort for a reasonable price –you don’t want to spend $300 on a pair of tights when the $150 tights do the job.  Unless the guy at the shop convinces you that those $300 knickers are the absolute most comfortable ever and you just can’t live without them.  Me? I buy the best that works for me. And I bet you do too. If everything in a store like Competitive Cycle makes sense, that’s where you shop.

Every year, on the 5th of July, we start seeing it. More yellow. More polka dots. More Strava reports. More fun. It’s summer! It’s time for the Tour de France. Let’s RIDE!

And don’t forget — check out the daily deals at Competitive Cycle for the next 21 days. The Tour de France Sale: Daily Deals for All 21 Stages