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Mastering the Art of Persuasion

Mastering the Art of Persuasion

What I learned when selling Real Estate and Life Insurance taught plenty that I still find useful today.

To survive, one must learn to sell.  Most think of sales people as one of two things. Clerks who purely take your payment at the store — or manipulator who sell you whatever meets their commission quota.  Right?  You know them both. The clerk at the high-end fashion store, the clerk at the drug counter, or the insurance sales agent who really doesn’t have your best interests.  Or the car sales guy who flirts, banters, lets you drive your dream car, but never hears you talk about your budget. They are clones in a system that forces them into  role.

For many though — sales is an artful practice of communications and consulting. Years ago, a book called SPIN SELLING came out and supposedly taught about consultative selling. They made it too hard.  For me at least.  What I learned when I learned to sell with integrity met a lifetime success ticker – and allowed me to see right through the lines and manipulations of other sales folk.  It was a huge win for me.

The ART of Closing the Dealhandshake

It’s not about manipulation — not for me. The highlight of my sales career was winning by selling with integrity. When the company who trained me so well did an about face, changed their basic organization and stopped providing the same quality service that went along with a little alpha numeric pager, I could no longer close sales. For me — it was always about helping people solve problems.

Lessons of a Lifetime

Yesterday, I conversed with my attorney whom I worked with in a Life Insurance sales office. The memory caused us both to talk about what we learned from it. For Michael, it gave him the idea of being willing to go to his clients. By getting out of his office and going to his clients, it made his private practice stand out and grow.  For me, it was an essential lesson in understanding myself, being willing to do what was uncomfortable, and once again staying in integrity.

Today, some 25 years later, our personal lessons still guide us forward in current careers.Lessons are always there to be learned. We get to choose what we carry forward or toss out.  The art of persuasion transfers easily to the art of persuasion in copywriting. If people want to sell, the same 5 steps of selling hold true no matter what you are selling.

5 Steps of Selling

The bottom line is this:
The 5 steps of a sale hold true whether it’s a little device like a pager or a big ticket item. Doesn’t matter if it is written as a sales letter or delivered as an in person presentation. Good copy is good selling craft — not manipulation, but connecting, consulting, and delivering solutions… that’s why I was drawn to copy writing — or call it direct marketing if you like.

Life is good when you let it in. And if you are looking for help with sales letters, calling scripts, guided presentations, or marketing strategy for your wellness business, I offer writing services for web content, sales letters, email auto responders, white papers, case studies, and more… I’ve been writing for business sales to consumers and business to business for 25 years.  I love crafting your message to meet your markets needs.

© 2015 Nancy Lamb, Integrated Health Coach and Wellness Copywriter

There’s Nothing Wrong with asking for what you want…

Just be careful who you ask!

Lifelong lessons were tough. Don’t ask. Don’t admit you need help. Don’t expect help because it’s not there.

But folks, that was all so totally wrong. Asking for help meant causing people to stop what they were doing and think about someone else. It was rarely about them, but they feared helping another was a sign of something, perhaps admitting their own fears? Not sure.

Today was a big day. We asked for help. People whom I barely know asked no questions, made no motions of shaming — they just wanted to validate that the story was real. It’s real alrighty.

I am blessed to know that angels are circling and happy to help just because a friend is in need. I am delighted and overwhelmed with gratitude and love for those who literally offered help with no qualms, no questions, no loss of dignity.

The most generous of all was a man whom I barely know any more – and he made it sound like it was an honor to help me and it made his day. Go figure. That is not what I grew up with.

It’s all about opening our hearts, listening, and knowing.  Knowing when to answer that little tug that says, you know what: I want to help and this much I can do.

It’s about honoring yourself.  It’s about knowing that you can, and then doing.

What’s it all about?  Well….here’s the link that kicked it off:  WE are using GoFundMe to crowd fund a trip to the Mayo Clinic.


Winding Down: Good bye 2013


It’s been a good year for connecting with some wonderful friends, new and old.SailingPS-4458

Through the wonders of the interwebs, I’ve enjoyed connections that never would have happened, friendships deepened,  and yes some were let go. Not exactly smooth sailing, but we made it and we still have faith.

I’ve made new friends. I’ve found old friends.  I’ve connected deeply with the people who mean the most to me. For this, I am most grateful.  It’s been a year! As this year winds up, I’m getting contemplative and internally focused. I always do. It’s that time of reckoning: What did we accomplish. What did we love. What do we need to forgive of ourselves or others. How can we make next year better!!!! That is why we all go through this. How can we make next year better!

My self-claimed purpose again distracted by a very strange road filled with many large part holes. Through it all, I recognize at times that my strength comes from a bigger source. It’s surely not in me because I would have crumbled without the faith and love of something bigger than I. Some call it God, others call it Nature. And some? They just call it Source. Works for me, man!

In my reverie, I suspect some wonder how people get through these kinds of trials. With that, I have to admit I do too. And then I find some little thing to do.

My New Year’s Gift to you. Some random thoughts on what keeps me going. Read More→

Releasing the Ancient Wounds Opens the Gateway


It’s not about money and it’s not about the perfect body.

My health coaching is evolving and with it so am I. It’s pretty clear: At some point, we just know that it’s not so much about food. We can change our diets. We can add exercise. We can detox all year round. Until we open the floodgates and let the bad out, we don’t have room for the good unless we expand. So — let’d do something about it.

We can’t fix the past. No one can. We can talk about till we are bored silly with our own stories. We can spend tens of thousands over decades of ‘talk therapy’ and find that the sore spots still fester at a simple trigger. What’s the trigger point? It could be a voice, seeing a name, seeing  an advertisement, hearing someone else’s pain….or just that unconscious mental moment.

Let’s get rid of this stuff, eh?

Five Steps to Releasing and Revitalizing YOU







So Can I. And if I can YOU SURE CAN.

Want to try it out? Call me for a single session. If you love it, you can sign up for a package. It works. I’m working it.

Love you all.


What IF

What do you really enjoy? What is it that makes you feel alive?

We were put here to live and to live fully – joyously — not to drown in despair, hating 70% of our lives in order to pay for the 30% left.

This is how I ended up changing course, choosing my niche, and continuing on in spite of all odds against me. This is what gives me the courage to keep working forward.

Watch this and think about the next 10 years.

If you want some inspiration to move towards your true passionate purpose, I can help.

If you are passionate about healthy living and you really want to make a change, I can help.

Don’t wait for joy — make it part of your day!  If you are in between, wanting to change, wanting to create a better you, I can help.

We can talk about foods, nutrition, sleep, or just daily being. My firm belief is that when we are being the person we are meant to be, we start making better choices for everything else. We have the energy to do what makes us healthier, happier, and whole.

It starts somewhere within. We decide. We take action. And then we choose our own course.

It was not sheer madness that caused me to change — it was sheer desperation. I was tired of taking care of everyone else’s dreams and goals, tired of being the one everyone else relied on to help them get where they wanted to go. It was time for me to plunge into building my own dreams.

How about you? Can I help you move forward?


Finding the Work that You Love

You really can do work that keeps you smiling all day. Think about it. What if you absolutely loved what you do all day?

I used to sit at my computer in a dimly lit cubicle working hard on technical projects. I was collecting a decent paycheck, I was thinking all day, and I was supposedly happy.  I had returned to the aerospace industry and I loved that I was making a difference. My work affected all of Boeing and their customers.   I was a key part of a critical project that had executive branch visibility. Getting it right was the highest priority.

I had elevated myself from minor to big league by going beyond the normal expectations. I’d found my niche, or so I thought.  I  even carried the weight of a colleague whose disabilities prevented him from communicating with ease. They counted on me. They needed me. And they liked me!

One day, Big Al, an old time employee looked over and said something like: “Well, look at the look on your face! SMILE, would ya? ” I had never even thought about the joy of what I was doing. I was just working.  I was writing some technical instructions and it wasn’t anything to have any emotion about!

Today — I smile all the time. I LOVE my work.  And it shows. I went to my old college a while ago and i was reminded of that youthful enthusiasm that college students have when the world if full of possibilities! That’s how I feel right now. Filled with possibilities, ideas, and HOPE.

YOU really can figure out a way to have fun and make money. That’s the line we used when selling pagers — and recruiting new sales staff.  Have Fun and Make Money!  YES YOU CAN!

It means looking within. It means setting aside the fears that haunt you. It means setting aside old beliefs, old outdated dreams, expectations….and really asking yourself: What is essential to my happiness? What is my personal definition of success? What do I find so much fun that I would do it just for free if a client couldn’t pay? What is it that makes me feel whole, alive, and worth taking up space?

AT IIN, we talk about Primary Foods all the time. That’s not what you eat, it’s what nourishes your spirit. Here is their take on how to figure it out:

If you are curious about how my health coaching might help you figure out what’s next looks like for you, send me a note. Seriously, I’ve morphed my career so many times that I should be a pro at it. I had a long talk with a dear friend. He reminded me that no matter what, I always found a way through the fog. It’s a great time to help others do the same.

Just send me a note, or give me a call.  Isn’t it time you decide to Find the Work that you Love?


Prosperity Kitchens

Prosperity Kitchens?

Absolutely.  Part of what we do as health coaches is we look the whole person. That includes a look into your prosperity consciousness. I don’t mean money. I mean how you are with what you have, what you want to attract, and what you need to leave behind.  Sometimes we just have to start somewhere — why not in the kitchen?

Let’s look closely at your kitchen supplies. Your knives, forks, spoons,plates, and bowls.  Are you just putting food down on that old chipped plate? Are you eating with old scratched up silverware that was handed down when your Mom bought a new set? Do your kitchen knives slice through tomatoes or steaks with an ease – or are they crushing the food as you force the knife to rip it apart?

It’s time for you to take a look about your kitchen. Read More→