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What’s a Carbohydrate?

What’s a Carbohydrate?


Fuel up before you reach empty.

What’s in your food? What’s a carbohydrate? Are they all bad? Can I eat fruit or is that a bad carbohydrate too? What about oatmeal?  My doctor told me to eat oatmeal to lower my cholesterol.  Don’t eat carbs. Load up on carbs.  What’s a healthy diet really?   Fuel Up with Healthy Carbohydrates as PART of your healthy life program. You need some!

It’s funny how militant people can get about food. I recall a heated debate about carbohydrates during what was supposed to be a private yoga session. The yoga instructor was adamant. He barked:  “All carbs must be eliminated.”  I said: What about fruits and vegetables? He yelled: “They are not carbs! They are micronutrients!” To which I said softly: Sure they are and they are also carbohydrates.  I offered science-based nutritional information, but he would not hear me.  Fourty minutes into my private session, he was still arguing about carbs.  I rolled up my yoga mat and left. This was not yoga.  As I left, I said: “I’m sad that you choose not to consider my expertise on this matter.”
I’m not a dietician, exactly. But some things don’t change whether you are studying culinary foods, menu planning, or diet and nutrition. I’ve studied them all professionally over the course of 40 years.

Science-based Nutrition!

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Keeping it Simple: The Right Tool for the Job

Hey all,

It’s that time. My affiliates are all telling me about their great deals right now. But here’s the thing: Making YOUR life better is what this page is about. Helping you to be your best — and that’s in the kitchen too. There is one tool I can’t live without. I’ll gladly let go of the coffee maker. I’ll give away my Le Crueset cast iron cookery. But you can not take away my high powered blender. EVER! If you don’t have one now, you really should check out the lineup to BlendTec. They have a great lineup, but the best news: They are offering a great new refurbished plan and you get the same original warranty.

You know people keep touting the beauty of drinking green smoothies instead of a meal, but did you know the true value of a high powered blender like Blendtec?
The truth is, you can do much more than drink your greens. These powerful machines make your cooking and prep time that much more creative and interesting.

Here at the Bistro, we are always saying the Right Tool for the Job — meaning cooking is easiest when you have the right tools. We also say buy the best you can afford.

But when a big deal comes along, and it comes from a reliable source — I feel it important to share. Why not? Right?
So here’s the great deal of the season.

I mean, if you are like my neighbor, someone who really wants a great power blender, but hasn’t wanted to pop for the full retail price – well, this is for you.

Want some soup? You can make a wonderful bisque or puree with whole fresh foods almost faster than you can go to the store and buy a few cans. And the best thing is you can still buy those cans or boxes, and add all kinds of lovely freshness to amp it up a notch

If you are like me, you end up just not wanting to cook. And what better than to create something fun, easy, and fast in you BlendTec Power Blender. Like the spicy roasted red pepper & Fire Roasted Tomato Soup I tossed together yesterday.  I felt much gratitude for my trusty BlendTec. Why? I was already tired. I just didn’t want to cook. And I was hungry. A glance at the blender, and ideas flowed. Tomatoes? check. Coconut milk? Check. Onions? Yep? Red Peppers? Got them. Seasonings? Standard stock of canned Fire Roasted tomatoes? Absolutely!

In 10 easy minutes, the soup was simmering away. For a chunky soup, put half in the blender. Whizz it about and then pour it back into the pot. BAM! Need some more spice or seasoning? From your well stocked pantry, find the favorite Smoked Paprika. BAM! Lunch was done with little fuss, and it’s way better than anything I’ve ever found in a store bought package.

It’s that easy. Add a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and oh boy that’s good too.

You find yourself getting mighty creative when you have the right tools. And with these blenders, you can do anything from standard smoothies and milkshakes to soups to nut butters.

Tomato soup boring? Not anymore.
Homemade Cream Of Mushroom have too much milk? When you make it at home, with the aid of your blender, you can make it with whatever milk alternative you like.
Someone posted a recipe the other day for a Potato and Celery Root Mash — I had purple potatoes, not white. Made it anyway, and oh is it yummy. And the purple adds a nice anti-oxidant colorful base to a plate. (more on the rainbow of colorful foods value later)

Here’s to a fun holiday season with creative and fast cooking and prep time. You are going to love it! I promise. You can do so much with these high speed blenders. And they last! This is not your Mom’s old Oster, now made in plastic with a cheapo motor. These have long life warranties for a reason. They last for years. And BlendTec stands behind their product with ongoing help, recipes, and an interesting blog post where you occasionally see yours truly. 🙂

Take a look and pick the one that works best for you. And please – share this with your friends too.

Get Your Game On: GO SEAHAWKS

Hey everybody!

You getting excited about that SuperBowl tomorrow. Wondering how to stay on target with your foods? Wondering how to speed things up?
I’ve got you covered.

Since when does the big game have to be a fun fest of sugar, fat and salt? Since when do you have to get sick while enjoying the thrill of the big game. Here in Seahawk land, people are planning on taking Monday off to recover!

I say it’s nuts. Here’s why:

I’ve been a healthy living advocate for some 40 years. Yeah, it makes me old. But it also makes me stand out amongst most others my age. I’m 57. I don’t have any prescriptions, nor life altering illness. I’m able to run a slow 5 miles, ride 50 at a decent clip, and can do more push ups today than I could at 30.

Here’s the deal: It’s not about will power or self control. That’s the first myth that must be busted. Read More→

Rethinking the Juicing Thing

Hey friends!

You’ve heard me talk about fresh juicing for a while now.  Fresh Juice.

You know I’m a big advocate for occasionally taking one or two days for a strictly juice fast. And you know I’ve advocated for fresh pressed juice as a snack.  It’s a fantastic way to kick start a new program. It is NOT sustainable as a steady diet.

I’ve been practicing this since I gave up a legendary smoking habit that spanned a lifetime. That was 19 years ago.  NINETEEN YEARS.  My personal Quit Smoking plan included quarts of Carrot, Beet, and Apple juice.  That was in 1994.  After a while, I just stopped. The juicer went under the counter and came out on rare occasions.

Two years ago, we started juicing more regularly. It helped for a while. But after a year and a half, it just got …. boring. I didn’t want to stand and chop vegetables and then stand and juice them. I just found myself fixing other foods. Healthy foods, but not juice.

In this past week, I figured out why. It’s not real food. It’s cleansing but it’s not real food. To eliminate all the build up of salts and sugars, it’s great. If someone eats a lot of processed and packaged foods, it is a great solution to kick start a new lifestyle. And as an occasional snake or energy boost, no problem. On a daily basis as a crucial part of the diet — I think I’d rather eat broccoli.

But as microbiologists will attest, juice is metabolized differently and the body is meant to chew and eat. Protein powders are not that great either. The shakes are higher protein than the body can metabolize and they are usually loaded with high carbohydrates and some kind of fillers. I use them as a supplement or a quick fix, but they are not that great for a steady daily diet.  I learned this years ago when studying diets and trying to figure out why I wasn’t losing weight.  We need to eat real food, at set intervals, with a calorie guide that helps determine portions.

Oh and there’s a list going around about how to get your green juice. It says to chew your green juice. Right!!!!!

I am thrilled to see that in 3 days, I’ve lost 3.5 pounds by following a simple plan of 1200 – 1500 calories plus daily exercise. I feel great. I feel satisfied. I feel happier. The only thing I did differently is I went back to my old plan: Calories, low sugar, conscious eating and planning my exercise.

This morning I made my favorite mean green and boiled a few eggs. 16 oz Mean Green plus 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites for a TOTAL CALORIC intake for breakfast = 350 calories.
That’s higher than yesterdays bowl of ancient grain cereal with blueberries!

Do I feel different than I did with 2 eggs and oatmeal plus blueberries. YEP! And it’s not better. Not worse, but definitely not better.

I’m sure I’ll juice on occasion — but I am starting to think that too much kale and too much green juice is counterproductive in the long run.

Calories count! And it’s not a cookie cutter number for everyone.  Men need more calories. Muscle burns more efficiently. Your exercise efforts play a part in your daily caloric need.

The Bottom Line: There is one elementary truth. No amount of exercise will counter a bad diet. If you eat more than you burn, you gain weight. If you deprive yourself of certain nutrients in order to indulge in a sugar fest, you’ll survive. For a day or two. But if you do it every day, you will pay.

Where did you learn the most about natural health?



The best might be the oldest

In my post college days, I started focusing on healthy, natural foods. There was a trend for juicing way back then — the best juicers were pricey. I coveted that original Champion Juicer, but never felt free enough to pop for it. I found the coolest hand juice press ever. If you really want cold slow pressed juice — this little Italian made pewter press does the trick.  It was so easy to get a fresh juice at my favorite health food store, Nature’s Pantry in Bellevue, WA.  In fact, I learned more about health, herbs, natural remedies, and supplementation there than anywhere. I  learned about the importance of finding the assay on supplements before believing the sales spiels. And I learned that some companies won’t provide this vital information. I also learned that if they won’t provide it, I won’t buy their products. This is partially why I am so reluctant to join the latest multi level, network, or social marketing programs. The name may have changed, but its still an MLM plan. And heck, if I know that my neighborhood PCC is doing all the research, I don’t have to do any more.

Fresh Juicing: It hits the Wall Street Journal

Fresh Juicing got the attention of the Wall Street Journal! Go figure. 

It’s gone mainstream! Here’s the link to their article: From the Wall Street Journal: Juicers Invade Home Kitchens

The WSJ article clearly focuses on what’s hot in the market. Because I’ve been in the industry, I know the current marketing stories and I can guess at the background of the story. Just because something is heavily marketed does not make it the best choice. That’s where my research helped me.

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Juicing Supports Your Health Goals

Juicing! It helped me quit smoking 19 years ago. It helped me get out of a rut. It helps me revive, renew, cleanse, hydrate — and heck – fresh juice just tastes better.

There are a lot of people talking about detoxing. More people are talking about Challenge this or that. Add a new vitamin, supplement, or powder, and you get a great pep talk about how those potions help support your diet goals. For me, it’s a choice – a natural lifestyle choice. I propose eating locally, organically, and above all, naturally. That means find foods as they were grown.

I’ve been a fan of the occasional day or two liquid diet for over 30 years. When it came time to finally give up a 26 year smoking habit. I turned to my Mom and asked her if i could borrow her rarely used Moulinex Centrifugal juicer. To my delight, Mom said: “Anything that helps you quit, I am all for. Here take it!” So I did. That was the beginning of my mission to help others do what I did naturally.

Instead of buying a patch, a diet pill, a chewing gum, candies — when I stopped smoking in 1993, I gained maybe 4 pounds over a 6 month period. That was it. I didn’t start gaining weight until severe feet injuries knocked me off the road of lifelong fitness for a while.

Juicing! It helped my family lose nearly 100 pounds easily. It reinvigorated our energy levels. Done right, juicing can be a new way of life that brings you back to a great state of lifelong health.

If you are looking for a slow juicer, this is the one I recommend. Why? All the slow juicers seem to be built by the same manufacturer, they all operate the same and they look pretty much the same. ONLY the OMEGA VRT350 offers a 10 year warranty on all parts, has a fantastically responsive customer service, and originated in the USA.

I saw the new Breville on Amazon. It looks identical, has the same highlights, and is priced significantly higher.
I saw the Hurom demoed in a popular store — it’s exactly the same as the Omega. But when I asked about Warranties – the Hurom is about a year on parts.

Hands down– Omega is your answer.  You can order it right now at Amazon: Omega VRT 350