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Good Fats Bad Fats

Good Fats Bad Fats – or somewhere in the middle???

Why the fuss anyway? Good fats or bad fats, you still need to understand fat ratios. Just today a young lady argues with me that a breakfast that consists of bacon, avocado, and egg is healthy while I looked at the actual fat and protein content. Sure it will taste amaze but the fat? Not on my playbook.  No way.

When they came out with the Zone diet, they made it fairly clear. 40/30/30 may have been the ratio. But when people started going nuts over good fats or bad fats, all bets were off.
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The Truth About Carbs

I got a little fired up the other day. Why? I’m not just a health food fanatic. I don’t get my information from reading fad magazines and listening to pop nutrition quasi know it alls.

When it comes to carbohydrates, I know a lot. I know how food burns in the body. I go with the most common simplest concept of moderation. Extremist eating almost always leads to backlash into extremism the other direction. If you deny your body what it needs, your body will eventually crave it.

Matt was arguing about what a carb is. He told me that all carbs are bad. WRONG! If I went by that, I would not get enough vitamins and nutrients – especially B vitamins from minimal whole grains. I would not get the phytonutrients nor the micronutrients from fruits and vegetables.  WE need carbs – but it’s about what kind of carbohydrate you are eating.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Read More→

Get Your Game On: GO SEAHAWKS

Hey everybody!

You getting excited about that SuperBowl tomorrow. Wondering how to stay on target with your foods? Wondering how to speed things up?
I’ve got you covered.

Since when does the big game have to be a fun fest of sugar, fat and salt? Since when do you have to get sick while enjoying the thrill of the big game. Here in Seahawk land, people are planning on taking Monday off to recover!

I say it’s nuts. Here’s why:

I’ve been a healthy living advocate for some 40 years. Yeah, it makes me old. But it also makes me stand out amongst most others my age. I’m 57. I don’t have any prescriptions, nor life altering illness. I’m able to run a slow 5 miles, ride 50 at a decent clip, and can do more push ups today than I could at 30.

Here’s the deal: It’s not about will power or self control. That’s the first myth that must be busted. Read More→

Rethinking the Juicing Thing

Hey friends!

You’ve heard me talk about fresh juicing for a while now.  Fresh Juice.

You know I’m a big advocate for occasionally taking one or two days for a strictly juice fast. And you know I’ve advocated for fresh pressed juice as a snack.  It’s a fantastic way to kick start a new program. It is NOT sustainable as a steady diet.

I’ve been practicing this since I gave up a legendary smoking habit that spanned a lifetime. That was 19 years ago.  NINETEEN YEARS.  My personal Quit Smoking plan included quarts of Carrot, Beet, and Apple juice.  That was in 1994.  After a while, I just stopped. The juicer went under the counter and came out on rare occasions.

Two years ago, we started juicing more regularly. It helped for a while. But after a year and a half, it just got …. boring. I didn’t want to stand and chop vegetables and then stand and juice them. I just found myself fixing other foods. Healthy foods, but not juice.

In this past week, I figured out why. It’s not real food. It’s cleansing but it’s not real food. To eliminate all the build up of salts and sugars, it’s great. If someone eats a lot of processed and packaged foods, it is a great solution to kick start a new lifestyle. And as an occasional snake or energy boost, no problem. On a daily basis as a crucial part of the diet — I think I’d rather eat broccoli.

But as microbiologists will attest, juice is metabolized differently and the body is meant to chew and eat. Protein powders are not that great either. The shakes are higher protein than the body can metabolize and they are usually loaded with high carbohydrates and some kind of fillers. I use them as a supplement or a quick fix, but they are not that great for a steady daily diet.  I learned this years ago when studying diets and trying to figure out why I wasn’t losing weight.  We need to eat real food, at set intervals, with a calorie guide that helps determine portions.

Oh and there’s a list going around about how to get your green juice. It says to chew your green juice. Right!!!!!

I am thrilled to see that in 3 days, I’ve lost 3.5 pounds by following a simple plan of 1200 – 1500 calories plus daily exercise. I feel great. I feel satisfied. I feel happier. The only thing I did differently is I went back to my old plan: Calories, low sugar, conscious eating and planning my exercise.

This morning I made my favorite mean green and boiled a few eggs. 16 oz Mean Green plus 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites for a TOTAL CALORIC intake for breakfast = 350 calories.
That’s higher than yesterdays bowl of ancient grain cereal with blueberries!

Do I feel different than I did with 2 eggs and oatmeal plus blueberries. YEP! And it’s not better. Not worse, but definitely not better.

I’m sure I’ll juice on occasion — but I am starting to think that too much kale and too much green juice is counterproductive in the long run.

Calories count! And it’s not a cookie cutter number for everyone.  Men need more calories. Muscle burns more efficiently. Your exercise efforts play a part in your daily caloric need.

The Bottom Line: There is one elementary truth. No amount of exercise will counter a bad diet. If you eat more than you burn, you gain weight. If you deprive yourself of certain nutrients in order to indulge in a sugar fest, you’ll survive. For a day or two. But if you do it every day, you will pay.

Wheat Belly Baby



How important is it to really understand why the changes you make are working? I’d say pretty important. If you don’t know WHY something is working, how can you possibly repeat it and get lasting results.

Say you cut out all wheat products. You drop 20 – 50 pounds easily. But in the process of eliminating all wheat, you also cut out 500 – 1500 calories a DAY, eliminate a large amount of fat, salt and sugar. And because you cut out packaged foods that contain wheat, you also cut out large quantities of additives and preservatives. You suddenly  find yourself eating more FRESH fruits and vegetables.

What’s really going on here? You’ve eliminated not one, but several items.  I hear an old song playing in my head: Ya gotta blame it on something.  Blame it on the Rain…. Read More→

Strokes: Foods that help; foods that don’t

DadMy husband’s cousin had a stroke the other day. As we send Steve and his family love, I am reminded of all we did after my Dad’s serious stroke.

What we know is that his healthy living habits included healthy foods, exercise 5 days a week, a lot of fun and love of life! The strange thing is it wasn’t a change in diet that helped him. I don’t think he even changed his diet. He’d already lost 70 pounds, was exercising regularly . Dad was part of the original Fitness Inc. gang that jogged through downtown Seattle. Dad was already a fitness nut in 1985!  Yeah, that long ago. Why he had a stroke is not clear, but it is clear that what set the stage for a near full recovery was those same healthy habits.

Dad was my inspiration for most things in life. I can hear him now: Go do it! Chase after what you want. Don’t give up – fight for it!  He fought back hard and found great recovery. Dad is still my man! The words below are focused on what you might find informative if you or your loved one suffer a stroke. As a caregiver, you will need to eat well, get enough rest, get a break, and take care of yourself.
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Mark Hyman, MD and Katie Couric talk about the Diet Industry

Ever look at a 1 pound pile of gelatinous fat? I once went to a body fat measurement session and the personal trainer had this yellow jello like display that he said was what ONE POUND of fat looked like. It was rather ugly, but then he said: So imagine that coursing through your body? Suddenly, adding any kind of butter or oil to my food was not appetizing at all. How could it be?

That was in the late 80’s, I’d been working in the health club industry and was totally into making sure my body fat was under the average.  I ran 8 – 10 miles a day, 4 days a week, I lifted free weights 4 – 5 days a week, and learned all I could about living nutrition.  Not the text book stuff from my college nutrition courses — I was focused on endurance training. I needed to know how to eat for performance. I really was an obsessed woman of the 80’s.

Fortunately for me, my beverage of choice was coffee or tea, no sugar please.  I’ve never been much for soda pop or any carbonated beverages, for that matter. I’d read once that the carbonation messes with your digestive process and it bloats you, so I just learned to say no thank you. But I fell for the low fat or chemical sweetened stuff.  It’s all wrong.

The diet industry is HUGE — and so much is leading people to think about food the wrong way.  Mark Hyman, MD, is one of my instructors (can I say mentor? )   who talks some good sense!  Check it out!

Mark and Katie talk about sugar and fat


Juicing Supports Your Health Goals

Juicing! It helped me quit smoking 19 years ago. It helped me get out of a rut. It helps me revive, renew, cleanse, hydrate — and heck – fresh juice just tastes better.

There are a lot of people talking about detoxing. More people are talking about Challenge this or that. Add a new vitamin, supplement, or powder, and you get a great pep talk about how those potions help support your diet goals. For me, it’s a choice – a natural lifestyle choice. I propose eating locally, organically, and above all, naturally. That means find foods as they were grown.

I’ve been a fan of the occasional day or two liquid diet for over 30 years. When it came time to finally give up a 26 year smoking habit. I turned to my Mom and asked her if i could borrow her rarely used Moulinex Centrifugal juicer. To my delight, Mom said: “Anything that helps you quit, I am all for. Here take it!” So I did. That was the beginning of my mission to help others do what I did naturally.

Instead of buying a patch, a diet pill, a chewing gum, candies — when I stopped smoking in 1993, I gained maybe 4 pounds over a 6 month period. That was it. I didn’t start gaining weight until severe feet injuries knocked me off the road of lifelong fitness for a while.

Juicing! It helped my family lose nearly 100 pounds easily. It reinvigorated our energy levels. Done right, juicing can be a new way of life that brings you back to a great state of lifelong health.

If you are looking for a slow juicer, this is the one I recommend. Why? All the slow juicers seem to be built by the same manufacturer, they all operate the same and they look pretty much the same. ONLY the OMEGA VRT350 offers a 10 year warranty on all parts, has a fantastically responsive customer service, and originated in the USA.

I saw the new Breville on Amazon. It looks identical, has the same highlights, and is priced significantly higher.
I saw the Hurom demoed in a popular store — it’s exactly the same as the Omega. But when I asked about Warranties – the Hurom is about a year on parts.

Hands down– Omega is your answer.  You can order it right now at Amazon: Omega VRT 350

Sugar: The Bitter Truth- March 24, 2011 – YouTube

The ancients knew about obesity before we created McD’s.

But — we are exploding. How did we get so big so fast? Dr. Robert Lustig addresses this in his YouTube talk.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth- March 24, 2011 – YouTube.

His theory is amazing!  He shows why eat less, exercise more does not work.  A calorie is not just a calorie.

As long as we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we are headed for the biggest health crisis our world has ever known. We cured malaria. We cured small pox. We created penicillun.

The one thing WE aren’t doing is curing our own behaviors.  It’s time, people.



A calorie is not just a calorie anymore. Every calorie ingested has a different effect on the body. If people keep playing games with foods, the foods will play games with their bodies.

Sugar calories affect your body differently than complex carbs.

Personally, I’m amazed at the professionals who stare at me with wonder when they realize I am not on any medications for sugar or age related diseases:  Heart Disease, Cholesteral, High Blood Pressure, brain function — NOT ME.  

I don’t understand the people tell me I am lucky I’m in great shape and have great health. It’s not luck. It’s a choice. It’s been my choice since I was 17 years old. I’m not perfect. I eat ice cream sometimes. I eat cookies sometimes. And frankly, I really enjoy dark chocolate.  But what I do is eat it on rare occasions. It’s not my daily staple. I did for a while — but the more I eat healthy foods loaded with natural nutrients, the less I feel drawn to junk.  And the more you eat right and exercise right, the less you will want that immediate high from a sugar laden, preservative filled snack.  I am here to serve and support those of you who really want to change.