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Counting to 10

Hey guys, have you been counting to 10? Do you want to know a powerful secret my Dad taught me?

My Dad was the guy with a cliche for everything. Counting to 10 was just one of them.

I was a fearful yet fiesty teen. There were reasons. School wasn’t safe. Being the baby, the closest would tease me mercilessly.  And while I hated it at the time, Dad would say just as I before I was about to lose it and burst into hysterical tears:  Count to 10…..Dad was smart. He was reading me the whole time. I wrongly believed he just didn’t want the tears, but maybe … just maybe he knew he was teaching me what it took him 40 years to figure out.
Count to 10! We can make some crazy decisions, burst out words in fear that serve no one.  But if we just SLOW down, count to 10 and THINK… we might change everything.

Today I started listening to Impact Theory. I’m so grateful to a friend for recommending this show. It’s really good.
Mel Robbins speaks on the Impact Theory and I was blown away. . The gist is you count backwards and are commited to taking an action at 0. Something like 5-4-3-2-1-0 Blast off. Her whole brand is now about her 5 second rule. It’s such a great talk that I bought the book .

But Dad had some magic to his methods. He didn’t become the Executive VP of his business and mentor countless sales experts on a wish and a prayer. Dad had that magic ability to manage his mind. That’s where his count to 10 mantra came from. You can literally manage yourself and your emotions when you slow down and remember Harmony is the goal. Not winning. Harmony!

and when you count
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

slowly and mindfully… your shift happens. You see it differently. The person trying to “get your goat” can’t. You win becuase they can’t poke the bear.

I knew my Dad really well. As we grew older, I took the time to talk with him. And Dad showed me how to be. All those times I’d be teased to tears by my brother paid off because in my mind, I choose to remember Dad’s sage words.  I think more fondly of Dad and those messages — not because it stopped the anguish I felt, but it helped me learn to manage my emotions. Maybe too well. But that’s another saga.

School itself was fun and easy for me.  I loved learning. I still do. That’s why I keep my mind sharp by reading and learning new things all the time. But school sucked. There were dangers lurking in the hallways. (ok dramatic, but if I was to tell you the stories, you’d see the drama anyway.) Adn those age old fears can return unbeknownst to me.  What Dad was doing was teaching me to heal my dragon.

I’ve been using this on social media a lot lately. There are too many trolls. Counting to 10 saves me much grief. Try it. Try it everywhere…


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The Mighty Coconut Fails

© Matka_wariatka | - <a href="">Coconut Oil Photo</a>

The Coconut Fallacy continues…to crack

The Mighty Coconut Fails

to prove it’s power.  Just read some science-based information proving to me that this fatty fad hasn’t measured up.  It’s about saturated fats!
In my nutrition school, they never really addressed this specific issue or trend. While countless coaches touted the virtues of the mighty nut, no one offered concrete proof that consuming coconut oil could cure everything from obesity to chronic illness to gum disease. While the claims grew, there were no numbers to support the claims. No control groups. No scientific evidence.

Laura Thomas, PH,D. in Nutritional Science,  offers some scientific evidence and professional thought on the mighty nut.  In her Huff Post article, The Death of the Coconut, she raises many of my concerns.  Laura has validated my suspicions. Kudos to her for doing that research. The gist of it is this: Eat fat, raise cholesterol count. Lower fat, lower cholesterol.

Surely there’s more to it, I once thought.  How can so many of my colleagues be touting high consumption of this particular fat. It defies logic. Eat it to cure chronic illness, increase brain function, lose weight, clean your teeth, cure dry skin, heal cuticles, and lower inflammation?  Every time I asked someone to provide proof, they proved they didn’t have any. While Costco sells huge containers of the trendy fat, people are buying it like crazy. It’s kind of nutty.

Let’s make logic out of the darling coconut super food:

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Your Clarity Session: FREE

Nancy100x100Free Coaching? Am I nuts? Well yeah… but this Clarity Session is your chance to find out what the buzz about health coaching is all about. Really. Free, for now at least.

Hey you all —

It just hit me. I haven’t made this offer in a really long time — so here it is. Almost  April. How would  YOU like to feel and look great by the end of May?  I invite you to schedule one clarity session with me personally to share with you how “one conversation can change your life”.  This invitation isn’t made lightly. Your Clarity Session is made because I care. I care about you. And I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t do everything I can to introduce you to how this amazing health coaching program can work for you. The best way is to let you experience your first session. I make it affordable, accessible, and easy for you to begin. I help you see how you can easily reach your next level of health and happiness. It is a Clarity Session because perhaps for the first time you feel clarity about how you can reach your goals  – and get that motivation to actually do it.

If you want to:
Energize your life
Kick the Sugar Blues
Lower the Stress
Find a Happier, Healthier and Sustainable Lifestyle that rocks!
Clearer skin, Brighter Eyes!
Lose a few pounds or a lot!
Rework your Menus
Restock Your Pantry
Learn to Shop Healthfully
Deal with Chronic Illness with help from foods and attitudes
Fight Chronic Pain and Lower Inflammation
Staying Active

There’s so much more we can do, but the first Clarity Session is crucial. That’s why we keep this introductory so stinking affordable. For you. You get personal experience in that first coaching session. It’s the best way for  you to get it. Health Coaching is not the same as Business Coaching. It’s not the same as a personal trainer who demands more repetitions or yells ONE MORE. Health coaching is a gentle change process that leads you to a lifetime of sustainable change.

The first step is easy.  And so affordable! Your Clarity Session gives you that bump into action – whether you sign up for my programs or just wing it on your own.

How much is it? Well…for a short time I’m offering my Introductory to Health Coaching FREE. I want you to experience the ease and fun I had when I went through my coaching program.  You’ll find out how nice it is to begin that conversation. You know! The one about You. The ONE that changes everything.

From now until April 18, this Clarity Session is free. Get on my calendar fast. No promises after April 18 except that I’ll keep the Clarity Session affordable.  I’ll have to charge something. I may keep it ridiculously low, but let’s get you rolling now. You’ve got nothing to lose. Call me.

It’s never too late to start.  We can meet for an hour in person if you live nearby. We can meet virtually for an hour. Either way — this session will give you clarity and motivation to take on the next phase of your health conquest.

Got it? One Free Clarity Session. For YOU.  Let’s get you rolling forward.  And if you refer a friend (which I hope you will consider), you both get a nice discount when you sign up for a serious coaching series.

ambassadorbadgeAre you ready?  Shoot me a note!

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Seriously — just do it.  One conversation truly can change your life.

I know my stuff — been practicing health and nutrition for 40 years, learned more from my BA in Hospitality Business Management plus a lifetime dedicated to living healthfully while having fun.  As a Hotel & Restaurant student, I learned menu planning, culinary expertise, and shopping tricks.  I learned science-based nutrition through the Hospitality Program at Washington State University.  I learned how to eat healthy and guide others through a lifetime of fitness pursuits. Pulling it all together to learn to teach others what seemed so natural to me, I completed several certification programs including the landmark program offered a the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Nancy Lamb, CHHC, BA

Your Integrative Health Coach

with recent certifications in:
Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Diet for Oncology
Integrative Nutrition
Training Specialist



Nuts for Nut Milks

Nut Milk: yumm

Nuts over Nut Milk

Nuts for Nut Milks

Nut Milks!?  Make your own? Are you nuts?  That’s what I used to think. I thought people were kind of Nuts for Nut Milks.  I read the ingredients, and decided that there was too much nothing for the calories and the fat to be worth my time.  I went Nuts for Nut Milk in the wrong way. I silently chuckled at how many friends rushed to order soy milk lattes thinking it was better than plain old milk.  The stuff in boxes is just not that much better than cow milk.

Yesterday, with the right music and the right video everything changed. I think I can now be classed Nuts for Nut Milk! On top of everything else, nuts have an anti-inflammatory property that just makes it all the better. I have spent the last 4 hours on nut milk. Researching, writing and making some fun images for this post.  The simple recipe couldn’t be easier Read More→

Good Fats Bad Fats

Good Fats Bad Fats – or somewhere in the middle???

Why the fuss anyway? Good fats or bad fats, you still need to understand fat ratios. Just today a young lady argues with me that a breakfast that consists of bacon, avocado, and egg is healthy while I looked at the actual fat and protein content. Sure it will taste amaze but the fat? Not on my playbook.  No way.

When they came out with the Zone diet, they made it fairly clear. 40/30/30 may have been the ratio. But when people started going nuts over good fats or bad fats, all bets were off.
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Health Tool Kit: Reliable Resources

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 11.31.13 AMHealth Tool Kit: Reliable Resources to guide older adults to learn about medical stuff.

Doesn’t it just make sense that you would learn as much as you can about a medical concern? That information is readily available. Credible. Reliable. Current. Medical information you can trust – and your doctor should too!

Have you ever heard these exclamations by your medical practitioner? “Be careful of what you read on the internet. That’s just internet hype.  You can’t trust what you read; why do you keep researching this; you should stop researching  – it just scares people…. ”

Has the staff at your doctor’s office looked at you like you were the crazy, nagging spouse who interferes with doctor / patient discussions? Have you left a medical appointment wanting to dig deeper into understanding an illness, medication, or treatment plan?  Do you feel a nagging suspicion you can learn more about what ails you or a loved one? Read More→

Where are Your Ducks?

Or Find Your Zen Mode

Get Your Ducks In a Row

Your Ducks in a Row, they taught. They admonished. They berated.
It’s like saying to someone that if you can’t be perfect, don’t come home.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan — I heard it repeatedly throughout my life. It was my Dad’s favorite cliche and he used to encourage his sales team, then came home and told us the same thing. Echoing in my mind, in became a core part of my life.

Yours too, I bet. Because we are taught forever that we must have a plan and we must work that plan.

Well — this article is about Ducks.  Are they really ever going to stay in that perfectly aligned row?  Read my article, and know the truth about the darned ducks.

Where Are Your Ducks

Mastering the Art of Persuasion

Mastering the Art of Persuasion

What I learned when selling Real Estate and Life Insurance taught plenty that I still find useful today.

To survive, one must learn to sell.  Most think of sales people as one of two things. Clerks who purely take your payment at the store — or manipulator who sell you whatever meets their commission quota.  Right?  You know them both. The clerk at the high-end fashion store, the clerk at the drug counter, or the insurance sales agent who really doesn’t have your best interests.  Or the car sales guy who flirts, banters, lets you drive your dream car, but never hears you talk about your budget. They are clones in a system that forces them into  role.

For many though — sales is an artful practice of communications and consulting. Years ago, a book called SPIN SELLING came out and supposedly taught about consultative selling. They made it too hard.  For me at least.  What I learned when I learned to sell with integrity met a lifetime success ticker – and allowed me to see right through the lines and manipulations of other sales folk.  It was a huge win for me.

The ART of Closing the Dealhandshake

It’s not about manipulation — not for me. The highlight of my sales career was winning by selling with integrity. When the company who trained me so well did an about face, changed their basic organization and stopped providing the same quality service that went along with a little alpha numeric pager, I could no longer close sales. For me — it was always about helping people solve problems.

Lessons of a Lifetime

Yesterday, I conversed with my attorney whom I worked with in a Life Insurance sales office. The memory caused us both to talk about what we learned from it. For Michael, it gave him the idea of being willing to go to his clients. By getting out of his office and going to his clients, it made his private practice stand out and grow.  For me, it was an essential lesson in understanding myself, being willing to do what was uncomfortable, and once again staying in integrity.

Today, some 25 years later, our personal lessons still guide us forward in current careers.Lessons are always there to be learned. We get to choose what we carry forward or toss out.  The art of persuasion transfers easily to the art of persuasion in copywriting. If people want to sell, the same 5 steps of selling hold true no matter what you are selling.

5 Steps of Selling

The bottom line is this:
The 5 steps of a sale hold true whether it’s a little device like a pager or a big ticket item. Doesn’t matter if it is written as a sales letter or delivered as an in person presentation. Good copy is good selling craft — not manipulation, but connecting, consulting, and delivering solutions… that’s why I was drawn to copy writing — or call it direct marketing if you like.

Life is good when you let it in. And if you are looking for help with sales letters, calling scripts, guided presentations, or marketing strategy for your wellness business, I offer writing services for web content, sales letters, email auto responders, white papers, case studies, and more… I’ve been writing for business sales to consumers and business to business for 25 years.  I love crafting your message to meet your markets needs.

© 2015 Nancy Lamb, Integrated Health Coach and Wellness Copywriter

7 In Home Quickie Ways to Ensure a Daily Workout

Squats while waiting for coffee
Lunges while Eating a carrot salad
Side Lunges while petting the cat
Pushups before you go up the stairs
Dips before you go down the stairs
Downward Dog into Upward Dog and back several times
Plank Walk Cycles

Oh – you want pictures? That video will come shortly. Promise. But for now:

Squats. You know what they are. Spread the legs to a comfortable hip width. Squat down keeping the knees always above the ankle and never beyond the toes.
Vary this by varying the width of the feet or the outward rotation of your toes. Always keep the butt out a bit and the arms out in front.

Lunges can be fun or frightening. Work to get your knee balance by keeping hands near a tabletop or chair at first. Step forward and drop down so that your thigh becomes almost parallel to the floor, keeping your knee above your ankle bone and never beyond your toes. (that’s critical if you have weird bad painful ankles or achilles, so be ware) Push up wiht that forward foot and return to center.

Or — add some zest to this dance by tapping the floor next to your foot, and then bringing same foot back so that you drop into a squat with the leg behind you, toes resting on the floor. The moving leg becomes a slow pendulum movement forward and back while the standing leg does all the work.

Side Lunges are killer for the inner leg or adductor muscles. You get a stretch and a strengthening. Instead of stepping forward step off to the side. For grins and giggles, walk across the street or the house side stepping as you would if you were skating. Yeah, baby — this one is fun. Get your arms into the swing too.

Pushups on the stairs? Just do it. You know how. Add some variety by putting a knee to chest movement in — or a little hop.

Dippity Dip Dip Dip…..same thing as you would on a bench. Dips are great for triceps strength because you can adjust your weight by the amount of weight on your feet. I prefer to make it hard.
Keep your elbows in and your arms no more than 90 degrees. Push up. Slowly let down.

Downward Dog to Upward Dog — traditionally in yoga, you do a sun salutation. Warming up to a sun salutation is the traditional Adho to Urdva Mukasvanasana — or as I said: Downward to Upward Dog and back to down dog.
Please consult your yoga instructor for now.
I’ll post my own later.

Get into your plank position. Place the forearm of your left arm onto the mat, then lower the otehr forearm. Put the palm of the left hand on the mat and push up to plank and bring the right hand back to plank. Cycle through
Images of plank and elbow plank are here: Plank cycles. You end up doing a lot of push ups to make this work.

Why do this even when you only have a few minutes?  WHY NOT? If you don’t use it you lose it. Plain and simple. “If you want to keep fit, you have to keep working it.”  Nancy

The Truth About Carbs

I got a little fired up the other day. Why? I’m not just a health food fanatic. I don’t get my information from reading fad magazines and listening to pop nutrition quasi know it alls.

When it comes to carbohydrates, I know a lot. I know how food burns in the body. I go with the most common simplest concept of moderation. Extremist eating almost always leads to backlash into extremism the other direction. If you deny your body what it needs, your body will eventually crave it.

Matt was arguing about what a carb is. He told me that all carbs are bad. WRONG! If I went by that, I would not get enough vitamins and nutrients – especially B vitamins from minimal whole grains. I would not get the phytonutrients nor the micronutrients from fruits and vegetables.  WE need carbs – but it’s about what kind of carbohydrate you are eating.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Read More→