How FIT is your BRAIN?
I’ve watched someone dear to me suffer from memory impairment and cognitive skill loss for some 8 years now. He took a memory test yesterday and though we’ve known it was going to be bad, he said it was dismal.

For the rest of us without serious medical issues — what are you doing to ENGAGE your BRAIN? It’s a muscle. It is in need of some work. You can play memory games on your smart phones instead of drooling over facebook and iTunes. You can do a lot to keep that mind functioning well.  It’s good food, enough water, and a mindful approach to keeping on top of what you’ve got. Like all muscles, if you don’t use it — you lose it.

Here’s some mind exercise tips to keep that grey matter functioning.  Oh my God!

Crossword Puzzles
Learn a Language
Learn a skill
Learn an art
Begin a craft
Take a class that requires thinking — maybe something you hated in school
Get a certificate in a different trade
Write a book on a difficult subject
Read the Classics
Play Memory Games with music – who did that song, what year was that, name that tune

Fitness isn’t just about how many push ups you can bang out. Get your brain in gear.

You know how we were taught that watching tv puts you into a zombie mode? TURN IT OFF and read a classic piece of literature – asking yourself What does the author really mean?

Do you want to be that person who is bright, vibrant, and inspiring at 95? That old lady whose mind is sharp as a tack? That old guy that is happily carving totem poles or the old lady who still volunteers at the local women’s club functions?  How would you like to be the lady that – at 83- is still living alone, engaged in several fun social clubs, travels all across the globe, enjoys the arts, reads the financial pages, and still pays her own bills and manages her investments?

You can’t get there by doing nothing. You can’t get there by sitting back and thinking “tomorrow, I’ll learn something new” — YOU HAVE TO START NOW.

When you think about it, this may be the most important part of your lifelong health. We all know that disease and injury can impair our thinking, but what if we can do some little things to protect that which we CAN control.

Train Your Brain

And if you want more ideas, I am happy to set up a free consult.

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