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Counting to 10

Hey guys, have you been counting to 10? Do you want to know a powerful secret my Dad taught me?

My Dad was the guy with a cliche for everything. Counting to 10 was just one of them.

I was a fearful yet fiesty teen. There were reasons. School wasn’t safe. Being the baby, the closest would tease me mercilessly.  And while I hated it at the time, Dad would say just as I before I was about to lose it and burst into hysterical tears:  Count to 10…..Dad was smart. He was reading me the whole time. I wrongly believed he just didn’t want the tears, but maybe … just maybe he knew he was teaching me what it took him 40 years to figure out.
Count to 10! We can make some crazy decisions, burst out words in fear that serve no one.  But if we just SLOW down, count to 10 and THINK… we might change everything.

Today I started listening to Impact Theory. I’m so grateful to a friend for recommending this show. It’s really good.
Mel Robbins speaks on the Impact Theory and I was blown away. . The gist is you count backwards and are commited to taking an action at 0. Something like 5-4-3-2-1-0 Blast off. Her whole brand is now about her 5 second rule. It’s such a great talk that I bought the book .

But Dad had some magic to his methods. He didn’t become the Executive VP of his business and mentor countless sales experts on a wish and a prayer. Dad had that magic ability to manage his mind. That’s where his count to 10 mantra came from. You can literally manage yourself and your emotions when you slow down and remember Harmony is the goal. Not winning. Harmony!

and when you count
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

slowly and mindfully… your shift happens. You see it differently. The person trying to “get your goat” can’t. You win becuase they can’t poke the bear.

I knew my Dad really well. As we grew older, I took the time to talk with him. And Dad showed me how to be. All those times I’d be teased to tears by my brother paid off because in my mind, I choose to remember Dad’s sage words.  I think more fondly of Dad and those messages — not because it stopped the anguish I felt, but it helped me learn to manage my emotions. Maybe too well. But that’s another saga.

School itself was fun and easy for me.  I loved learning. I still do. That’s why I keep my mind sharp by reading and learning new things all the time. But school sucked. There were dangers lurking in the hallways. (ok dramatic, but if I was to tell you the stories, you’d see the drama anyway.) Adn those age old fears can return unbeknownst to me.  What Dad was doing was teaching me to heal my dragon.

I’ve been using this on social media a lot lately. There are too many trolls. Counting to 10 saves me much grief. Try it. Try it everywhere…


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Reclaiming Self – Loving the Goddess Within

Reclaiming Self – Loving the Goddess Within
Let’s make 2018 GREAT by reconnecting with your inner Goddess
Let’s start with going deep into yourself. Reclaim Self and love the Goddess within.

Happy New Year you all,
It’s been kind of a homecoming for me. I signed on for a class by DailyOm titled Unleash the Goddess Within – a 21 day journey back to self. Sounds cool, doesn’t it. A simple practice for 21 days that embraces the inner Goddess of you. (ok – if you are a man, you might want to go do something else for a bit. This is for my women friends)

This is the year! Are you already saying you blew your resolutions so backslidiong away is more your thing?
Why not tweak your resolutions into a real life-changing process? If you really want to acheive that goal you set, you have to accept that there might be setbacks. IF you want to call it a goal, you have a better chance of making it real. But the power comes when you simply and powerfully choose to let the Goddess gifts support you to make the changes you need to make. This is what brings you back home.

When you Unleash the Goddess Within, you are establishing a deep connection with all that you are. You are raising your awareness of your own inner power. You are gently and easily coming inside to the home of you. You know how it feels when away from your family home and when you return you feel a different peace? Think of Reclaiming Self as the same thing – except it’s returning to you. You’ll know it when you get there. I promise. It’s when we stop looking – stop living outside ourselves and return to connect with all that is of us.

Let’s do this journey together. I’d love for you to join me. It’s going to be a great 2018. I’m sure of it. Change within leads to the real change without. (and yes, it’s time for a hair redesign too)

A while back I started several different programs. Everything from Anti Inflammation Diets to Living with Chronic Pain to Creating Your Sacred Space. It’s all taking off from where the Health Coaching became far beyond food and diet and weight loss. I’ve been a lifelong advocate of healthy choices — to the point that my coaching colleagues called me a pioneer in the healthy living world. I’ve been studying foods, nutrition and culinary arts since my college days — and adding to it was a adaptations due to injuries, jobs, or stresses. There’s always something we can do for our greater good. There is so much more to it than simply eating right and moving — and yet — without the basic foundation, we get nowhere.

Sure we can see therapists. We can talk till our face is blue. We can seek validation from others or give it to ourselves. We can do all kinds of things to dissolve emotional stuff – yoga, body work, energy work, journaling, 12 step work, spiritual work… the list of self help therapy like stuff goes on and on… and I’ve cultivated from these roots to provide for myself and share with others as it seems fit.

The more I did, the more I found me at the center. Until we find home – until we go to that place where we are not just saying we are comfortable with ourselves, but we deeply feel this change to fully being grounded, solid, and supported – we are susceptible to shatter. What I mean is it is so easy to fragment ourselves into strange pieces that reach out so far we break.

From day one, I felt a homecoming – a sense of returning to love and empowerment. Not the fiesty aggressive kind of empowerment, but the soft, clear minded, grounded and inspired self. From the start, we learned to call ourselves home – bringing all parts of ourselves back to our sacred space.It is the kind of homecoming that allows one to feel a sudden and dramatic shift.
I felt something similar on completion of Take Charge – a full force self defense program that combined hard core fighting, descalation, and self empowerment.

I’ll admit it to you. Sometimes words matter. When I heard women using the term Goddess or Womb, I cringed. It was just a weird sense of “what the heck”, shoulder shrug, head tilt to right with one eye shut… and then oh well. Whatever. I just thought it was odd. NOT ANY MORE.
In one 3 week period, I’ve found a return to who I am – a home coming – a deep sense of integration. There’s been so much happening, but particulary after the death of my mother, and many unplanned losses, that I was fractured. Rarely did I even tap in to the inner peace I new was there. Slowly, I became fractured.

This class, and I’ll tell you, I thought it was just a fun thing to do and had no expectations. But Wow!
Today – on day 20 – first words are:
“One thing you don’t want to be doing is constantly depending on and drawing from your “personal” power, your own life force. It’s important to know your own essence, the way that your power is true to you, what your voice is, AND also it’s crucial to keep yourself anchored and ultimately sourcing from somewhere beyond yourself. “

Heck yeah – if you are looking for a personal coach or guide to help you restore, restructure, revive, or just feel better overall, call me. I’m happy to take on new clients and also to create workshops. Maybe I’ll do a 1 day workshop or series if there are enough people interested. Just let me know.

If you want a bit more info on Anti Inflammation Dieting, here are a links you’ll find on this site. This is the highly recommended diet by the Arthritis Foundation, Oncologists, and even ranked high at the Mayo Clinic Foundation.  But I’m not selling their diet plan. I go with the expert, Dr. Andrew Weil and the program he pioneered. It is now taught at the University of Arizona, where I completed my certificate.


One Chicken 4 Meals

One Chicken 4 ways!

Ever sit there with a full meal in your head and no energy to do the mis-en-plac?
Yeah, it happens.

It is 6:30 A.M.
While my coffee is brewing – I got a pot of chicken bones ready for a great bone broth. It’s a simple recipe, but makes fantastic chicken soup.

I threw chicken bones into a big soup pot along with my favorite seasonings and vegetables.
Using the bones from a pre-roasted Chicken and the bones frozen from the last roast, a few chicken feet, I started my soup.
I add salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, basil leaves, turmeric, and brewers yeast every time.
Cook it with an onion, celery, and carrot and whatever other leftover vegetables. Often, I put in a few kale leaves.
SECRET: Alway skim off the foam on top of your brew. It’s not good, it doesn’t taste good, and if you take the time to skim it off, your soup will be wonderful. (the foam is the impurities bubbling to the top. Do NOT stir it back in)

While that brews away, I decided to carve up the roasted chicken into serving plans for the next week.

Back to the notion proposed in culinary school: Cook once, eat twice was often touted. Waste nothing!

Roasted bones are best and what better way that to roast the bones with the meat on them. If lazy, the grocers always sell roasted chickens. And I had one. Today, I used the bones I froze a while back and added fresh bones from the chicken carcass.

With fresh brewed coffee to sip on, I carved the roasted chicken, added these bones to the soup, sliced the breast and put it into a storage bag, chopped the dark meat and put into a different storage bag. That’s 4 meals made easy.
Tonight, we’ll have chicken enchiladas with enough leftover for a lunch.
Tomorrow, we’ll probably eat something else, but we have sliced chicken ready for either a casserole or sandwiches, whatever comes to mind.
And for me — All the bone broth I want following my surgery. We often use the broth for other soups, rice, or the congi we’ll make for breakfast over the weekend.

The trick is to think ahead, make full meals or set aside the mis en plac so you have it ready. It’s the difference between a good cook and a chef that thinks ahead.

Hippy: Hip Impingement Surgery

Hippy: Hip Impingement aka Femero-Acetabular Impingement — FAI for short… and OUCH for real
Hip Impingment Surgery coming up soon. Thought I’d share a bit about the preplanning. It is taking a lot of time to coordinate post op in home survival. It is reminding me of just how good I am at coordinating and project managing, but it’s also making me over work this probably simple situation.

But first — anyone considering surgery must remember to ask the right questions. Don’t assume anything. There comes a time when you finally ask the right questions. And I finally did.
The right question in any Doctor’s office – especially in a surgeons – is simple:
“What are my other options? ”  and if they say surgery —
always ask: “Is there any other non-invasive option?”

I so wish I’d asked that a year ago.

Hip injuries really damage the quality of life. It’s not supposed to happen this young, we say. We’ve taken great care of ourselves, tried to eat well, tried to exercise — and still.. things happen. We can work it out on our own – just massage, exercise and take it easy for a while. But when that doesn’t help, you know there’s an issue bigger than you thought. After 6 months of self management, I saw a PT for 9 months. By that time, I could barely walk. The more I did the worse I got.

Facing Hip Surgery and it’s so complicated. Crutches, stairs, and oh dear… Here’s my strategy. Things must be thought through before hand. With a disabled spouse, it’s essential that I create a few plans. I keep saying things like:

This Hippy (that’s what they call us) is not so happy about surgery.
But she’s got a plan. It’s a good plan. Maybe it’s a great plan. But it requires help. And asking for help is not easy. And it’s kind of funny how much I find online that is different than the doctor’s office recommendations. Rick’s doc would call them medical profiteers — they are selling stuff to make money. Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware. (Might consider a website dedicated to selling stuff to help)

What I’m finding is I need a balance of tools to help compared to what the doctor says I really need. I saved over $300 by not buying stuff that others wrote about on their hippy experience.

So here’s the plan:
Eat clean prior to surgery, ensuring I eat uplifting foods and eat a rainbow of colors while getting the best nutrients.
Organize a space to hang out in the house.
Tested crutches and found better padding options to avoid pressure point pain.

And a pretty, matching Crutcheze carry case that attaches to the crutches:

And if these things aren’t enough to help, I have plenty of backpacks I can use to haul stuff around the house.
Like the ice pack I’ll need. I found this brand works the best. The cold stays cold, it’s super flexible, and there is little risk of tearing. And if I use my laptop backpack, I can carry it from freezer to my spot on the couch.

The bigger dilemma will be food preparation and self-care.
Cook a bunch of meals and put in the freezer.
Do a Costco Run and buy all kinds of good things to freeze or have in pantry.
Stock up on staples and sundries.
Enlist help from friends to check on me, check on hubby, help with household stuff.

Drink lot’s of liquids: Water, Fresh Juice with lot’s of “mean green”  and Bone Broth all fresh made.
Take the right supplements: Immune support, Holy Basil Plus, Calcium, D3, and a multi
Make sure I eat lots of fibrous foods and get enough protein

Move! The doc’s office says they want me to move. They don’t want me sitting around.

Probably get a massage or two.

The big concern right now is how to help my disabled hubby get through this without crashing. He can’t do a fraction of what he wants to do on a good day. He’s not used to needing to help me. I fear the stress will be too much and I have no idea what to do about it.

They don’t teach this in business school. They don’t teach this in post grad school either. Somehow, either you think like a project manager or you don’t. I’ve got that ingrained in me. Drive people nuts when I think things through, but not much falls through the cracks. Thanks to Terry Umbreit, who taught us well.

Sticks, Stones, and Trigger Points

Trigger Points

Sticks, Stones, and Trigger Points!  Trigger points are painful spots in your muscle that hurt like hell when you poke them. The tightly knotted muscles restrict your movement, hinder muscle activation, and flat out hurt. 

DISCLAIMER: I urge you to contact your physical therapist – or use mine. Erik Moen or any of his staff at CaporeSanoPT can assist if you are in the Seattle area. I am not claiming to be a skilled PT — I am merely sharing what tools are working for me. Feel free to try at your own risk.

I’ve discovered the road to lasting results requires daily work. No one but the elite can afford a daily massage. That’s why there is a billion dollar market on home exercise and recovery tools. To make home recovery work for you, it requires discipline, diligence and sticks, stones, and trigger point activation.

My story with chronic pain began 2 years ago. It was becoming debilitating. Simple walking became excruciating. I couldn’t sleep due to agonizing hip pain. Most of  you know me as a highly active lady who loves to move. I tried many things including 9 months of physical therapy. I just got worse.

Sticks and Stones: The right tools for the job make all the difference. Using them correctly helps too.

When Erik Moen, Owner of CaporeSanoPT, offered to help, I was thrilled.
Erik, in his infinite wisdom and kindness, spent an hour with me in his office and we enjoyed a ride later. His guidance is what turned the page for me.  Within 3 months, I enjoyed more mobility, had a sense of control, and could handle activities of daily living without debilitating pain. I’m still on the mend, but after 2 years of increased pain and limiting all activities, this is wonderful.

When it comes to physical therapy, don’t settle for second best. I finally found some videos online by Doctor Jo. 15 minutes on a balance ball, and I was on the road to recovery. If you can’t get to a PT, go to for your specific needs. Jo will answer questions via her Facebook page.

The things I continue to find most beneficial are in my toolkit. I may end up making a video, but for now, this is it.

The ToolKit:

I try to avoid buying tons of stuff. At a minimum, bet yourself a Tiger Tail Massage Stick. It’s a must have for working on legs, quads, shoulders… and it works best if you use it daily.

Erik recommended I use the Tiger Tail stick roller. I already own a stick, but he said this Tiger Tail is much nicer on your muscles. It is. It’s a bit softer but still plenty hard. I roll out my quads, IT Band, and adductors. I can do some sticky point stuff. And I can use it for a lot of other things. This stick is a bit softer, but most importantly, it’s working better.

I just ordered this quad roller after watching a video about how to work on the FAI pain that I have. It’s my hope that this better targets the quad, adductor, and hamstring – especially at the attachement point. We shall see… but it’s here for your consideration. I’ve heard great things.

Tennis Balls, Golf Balls, Lacrosse Balls — or Get the Trigger Point Ball.
I used a couple tennis balls for years. I roll my shoulder and feet on them to gently massage and relax. A yoga teacher told me to use a golf ball. OMG – don’t do it. It hurts too much to sustain a practice with it. In fact, if you want credible help, don’t ask your yoga instructor. They know yoga and they are not educated in recovery. They may have some ideas, but unless trained as a PT, just listen to their yoga teaching and go to the right source. And if you are getting sharp pain, stop. Just stop.
I digress. Here’s the best trigger point balls:

And speaking of Balls, if you don’t have a Balance Ball, Click the image below and get one right now. The key to strong core and flexibility is with this huge ball. I use it daily for hip mobility, core strengthening, and plain fun.

Trigger Point Roller
And then there is the grandaddy of them all. The Trigger Point Core Roller. I think these take getting used to. I’ve had mine for a year.  It is my go to for getting all the kinks out. I’ve recently learned some more efficient and effective applications. Get the harder one from Trigger Point Therapy. The soft foam breaks down and doesn’t always do the trick.

The Balance Pad

Another tool Erik suggested a few years back is still one of my favorites. The Balance Pad by Airex is an easy way to activate the muscles that help your entire leg function well. Small reflex muscles that help you balance are activated by standing on this pad. I had a couple other balance platforms that I’ve since chucked.


And you can find it all here in this Amazon Shop I set up. Will do more later, but for now, this is the best way to shop.


The Power of Self

Hey everyone,
I know – it’s been a while. Sometimes solitude helps me see my reality. Sometimes sharing with a trusted friend helpTalking with some to reason things outs. And sometimes, I find myself talking so much I stop doing. The last few months has revealed to me the nature of that wrong. See — if I keep talking, I’m not writing and I’m not coaching.

At some point, we go inside and ask ourselves the hard questions. What’s the most important thing for me to do right now? Why am I really avoiding taking that step? What’s wrong with not being perfect? If we don’t act, we can’t know if we would succeed. By talking all the time, avoiding action, and finding all kinds of things to do that are just easier than that one terrifying action, we never know the result.

I’ve been re-visualizing what I want to become. It’s clear — I am a writer. I’ve been a writer all my life. My first work was poetry. But even in junior high school, I loved writing essays. I loved the whole process: conceptualize, research, study, and write!  It gave me clarity and helped me formulate my core beliefs.

Listening to Jeff Goins yesterday, I heard this: “I am going to have to pick myself”  and what he meant was this: Stop waiting for someone else to define you. Stop waiting for someone out there to give you permission. If you want to be a writer, you must write. None of the other stuff is as important. You can’t be all things to all people. You can’t keep up with your own writing if you are constantly reacting to social media madness.

Jeff is a writer. He seems like a nice young man. He’s wise, and he’s kind, and he hooked me by his delivery. But it was his writing that caught my attention.

The truth is we don’t become something. We already are. We just need to let ourselves own it. I am a writer. I am a coach and I inspire others to act on their dreams, visions, and goals. I inspire others to change. That’s what coaching is all about. A conversation.  And first, we must coach ourselves into taking daily action. Really — if I am not being the example for what I ask of you, then why would you ever trust me?

My business model is about me – but as I grow, as I master my destiny, I get to inspire you to do the same.  I’m so not perfect. Yeah, me. I ate ice cream before dinner yesterday. I drank some wine later too. But 90% of the time, I live what I preach: a healthy life. I can fall into stinking thinking, but it’s always a quicker turn around when I practice at it. We are all that way.

So if you want to have that trusted conversation, believe me — I can hear you – both what you say and what you don’t quite say. I can help. But  you have to be willing. I can’t make you see what you refuse to see. I can’t prove to you that I can help you restore your vibrancy. I can only show you what’s worked for me, for my family and for my clients.

Your call to action: Call me to set up a free 30 minute initial visit. Let’s see where you are and where you want to go. And – how I can help you get there.
Nancy Lamb

The Power in Sharing

The Mighty Coconut Fails

© Matka_wariatka | - <a href="">Coconut Oil Photo</a>

The Coconut Fallacy continues…to crack

The Mighty Coconut Fails

to prove it’s power.  Just read some science-based information proving to me that this fatty fad hasn’t measured up.  It’s about saturated fats!
In my nutrition school, they never really addressed this specific issue or trend. While countless coaches touted the virtues of the mighty nut, no one offered concrete proof that consuming coconut oil could cure everything from obesity to chronic illness to gum disease. While the claims grew, there were no numbers to support the claims. No control groups. No scientific evidence.

Laura Thomas, PH,D. in Nutritional Science,  offers some scientific evidence and professional thought on the mighty nut.  In her Huff Post article, The Death of the Coconut, she raises many of my concerns.  Laura has validated my suspicions. Kudos to her for doing that research. The gist of it is this: Eat fat, raise cholesterol count. Lower fat, lower cholesterol.

Surely there’s more to it, I once thought.  How can so many of my colleagues be touting high consumption of this particular fat. It defies logic. Eat it to cure chronic illness, increase brain function, lose weight, clean your teeth, cure dry skin, heal cuticles, and lower inflammation?  Every time I asked someone to provide proof, they proved they didn’t have any. While Costco sells huge containers of the trendy fat, people are buying it like crazy. It’s kind of nutty.

Let’s make logic out of the darling coconut super food:

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Your Clarity Session: FREE

Nancy100x100Free Coaching? Am I nuts? Well yeah… but this Clarity Session is your chance to find out what the buzz about health coaching is all about. Really. Free, for now at least.

Hey you all —

It just hit me. I haven’t made this offer in a really long time — so here it is. Almost  April. How would  YOU like to feel and look great by the end of May?  I invite you to schedule one clarity session with me personally to share with you how “one conversation can change your life”.  This invitation isn’t made lightly. Your Clarity Session is made because I care. I care about you. And I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t do everything I can to introduce you to how this amazing health coaching program can work for you. The best way is to let you experience your first session. I make it affordable, accessible, and easy for you to begin. I help you see how you can easily reach your next level of health and happiness. It is a Clarity Session because perhaps for the first time you feel clarity about how you can reach your goals  – and get that motivation to actually do it.

If you want to:
Energize your life
Kick the Sugar Blues
Lower the Stress
Find a Happier, Healthier and Sustainable Lifestyle that rocks!
Clearer skin, Brighter Eyes!
Lose a few pounds or a lot!
Rework your Menus
Restock Your Pantry
Learn to Shop Healthfully
Deal with Chronic Illness with help from foods and attitudes
Fight Chronic Pain and Lower Inflammation
Staying Active

There’s so much more we can do, but the first Clarity Session is crucial. That’s why we keep this introductory so stinking affordable. For you. You get personal experience in that first coaching session. It’s the best way for  you to get it. Health Coaching is not the same as Business Coaching. It’s not the same as a personal trainer who demands more repetitions or yells ONE MORE. Health coaching is a gentle change process that leads you to a lifetime of sustainable change.

The first step is easy.  And so affordable! Your Clarity Session gives you that bump into action – whether you sign up for my programs or just wing it on your own.

How much is it? Well…for a short time I’m offering my Introductory to Health Coaching FREE. I want you to experience the ease and fun I had when I went through my coaching program.  You’ll find out how nice it is to begin that conversation. You know! The one about You. The ONE that changes everything.

From now until April 18, this Clarity Session is free. Get on my calendar fast. No promises after April 18 except that I’ll keep the Clarity Session affordable.  I’ll have to charge something. I may keep it ridiculously low, but let’s get you rolling now. You’ve got nothing to lose. Call me.

It’s never too late to start.  We can meet for an hour in person if you live nearby. We can meet virtually for an hour. Either way — this session will give you clarity and motivation to take on the next phase of your health conquest.

Got it? One Free Clarity Session. For YOU.  Let’s get you rolling forward.  And if you refer a friend (which I hope you will consider), you both get a nice discount when you sign up for a serious coaching series.

ambassadorbadgeAre you ready?  Shoot me a note!

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Seriously — just do it.  One conversation truly can change your life.

I know my stuff — been practicing health and nutrition for 40 years, learned more from my BA in Hospitality Business Management plus a lifetime dedicated to living healthfully while having fun.  As a Hotel & Restaurant student, I learned menu planning, culinary expertise, and shopping tricks.  I learned science-based nutrition through the Hospitality Program at Washington State University.  I learned how to eat healthy and guide others through a lifetime of fitness pursuits. Pulling it all together to learn to teach others what seemed so natural to me, I completed several certification programs including the landmark program offered a the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Nancy Lamb, CHHC, BA

Your Integrative Health Coach

with recent certifications in:
Anti-Inflammatory Diet
Diet for Oncology
Integrative Nutrition
Training Specialist



What’s a Carbohydrate?

What’s a Carbohydrate?


Fuel up before you reach empty.

What’s in your food? What’s a carbohydrate? Are they all bad? Can I eat fruit or is that a bad carbohydrate too? What about oatmeal?  My doctor told me to eat oatmeal to lower my cholesterol.  Don’t eat carbs. Load up on carbs.  What’s a healthy diet really?   Fuel Up with Healthy Carbohydrates as PART of your healthy life program. You need some!

It’s funny how militant people can get about food. I recall a heated debate about carbohydrates during what was supposed to be a private yoga session. The yoga instructor was adamant. He barked:  “All carbs must be eliminated.”  I said: What about fruits and vegetables? He yelled: “They are not carbs! They are micronutrients!” To which I said softly: Sure they are and they are also carbohydrates.  I offered science-based nutritional information, but he would not hear me.  Fourty minutes into my private session, he was still arguing about carbs.  I rolled up my yoga mat and left. This was not yoga.  As I left, I said: “I’m sad that you choose not to consider my expertise on this matter.”
I’m not a dietician, exactly. But some things don’t change whether you are studying culinary foods, menu planning, or diet and nutrition. I’ve studied them all professionally over the course of 40 years.

Science-based Nutrition!

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