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If you are ready for change, I am here to support, encourage, guide, and sometimes push you forward. Walk with me through the maze to find your center. Walk with me through the forest to find the clearing.


Hi – I am Nancy Lamb, your Healthy Life Coach. I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner with several years experience and a lifetime obsession with healthy living without drugs. I joined the American Association for Drugless Practitioners because they certify my education and provide extra value. But my training, lifestyle, and lifelong quest for healthy living allows me to maintain a state of really good health. I thank my Mom and my Dad because they taught me the joys of eating well, enjoying life, and getting exercise. They were my mentors and they were both front-runnersnners.

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I am thrilled to be in business that inspires people to make lasting life changes.

My life experience and extensive studies in healthy balanced living equip me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and the importance of preventive care. My unique approach stems from a foundation of health and nutrition, combines NLP and spiritual growth, incorporates 12 step theory, adapts basic exercise, yoga and meditation, and fully explores what works best for YOU.

This is about YOU. When is the last time you felt empowered to be both graceful and vibrant? When was the last time you really looked at how to make your life one of balance and joy?   It’s all about YOU, the individual. It’s not about what your Mom or your hubby think you should be — it’s about what YOU want.

My mission is to inspire others to become more. We discuss the Circle of Life:  foods, nutrition, exercise, relations, healing and enlivening the spirit. It also focuses on getting rid of the ‘stuff’ that does not serve us in the present moment. No one can be truly healthy when the past weighs down todays joy. We work with several aspects of health using what we call Primary and Secondary Food theory. Part of our work embraces the old wounds and guides you to lovingly letting go. People find that as they let go,they lose weight and start living vibrantly.

I received my Health and Wellness Training Education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. I studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and cutting-edge coaching methodology.

Health Coaches from Integrative Nutrition’s world-class training program learn from top experts in the field of health and wellness including Dr. Andrew Weil, Geneen Roth, Dr. David Katz, Dr. John Douillard, Dr. Mark Hyman, and David Wolfe among many others.
I received my Advanced Communications training from my friend, mentor and  NLP Master Trainer, Steve Boyley at the Performance Institute and also from Dr. Wil Horton of the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology.
I completed several intense programs: Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours or more), Cranial Sacral Therapy, SHEN Therapy, Massage, Technical Communications, Writing and Direct Marketing, Website Design, and even some courses in Theology.  I’m a continual student and always learning.
As a high school student teaching skiing, my path was well set. I studied and earned my BA in Hospitality Business Management with an eye on working in resorts. I sought to create the serenity and freedom that I found in the mountains. During my collegiate studies, we focused on foods, nutrition, menu planning, buying, and culinary arts as well as the intricacies of managing service focused businesses. I bring this knowledge forward to further support you.  I share from a plethora of resources, from my base education from decades of cooking, experimenting, and keeping a healthy kitchen.
If you think hiring a health coach is a great way to get your game on, let’s explore how this can work for you. If you want to create a wellness program for your business, I have several pre-made workshops that can be self facilitated.

Are you curious about how health coaching can help you?
Are you aware of the tax benefits of offering corporate wellness programs?
Did you know that some simple changes could possibly — probably — change everything for the better?

Let’s schedule an initial consultation with me today. Concerned about cost? Ask me about group programs. It’s an affordable and fun way to grow together.

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health coaching.

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